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  1. necessary changes
    How Food Media Fails BIPOC“Look at the mastheads for mainstream food media and it’s still mostly white people.”
  2. food media
    Bon Appétit’s Editor-in-Chief Resigns After Staff OutcryEmployers and contributors had called for Adam Rapoport to step down after a photo of him in brownface resurfaced on social media.
  3. controversies
    How Mekelburg’s Got Caught Up in a Story About a Hate-Spewing Twitter TrollThe troll was revealed to be the owner’s sister, causing them to release a statement declaring that the woman has no affiliation with their business.
  4. racism
    New Poll Reveals Starbucks’s Reputation Is Officially in the DumpsA respected survey puts its standing among consumers at a ten-year low.
  5. chain gang
    Oops! Starbucks Didn’t Fix Racism Fast EnoughAn employee at a Starbucks in L.A. wrote a racial slur on a coffee cup this week, and racial-bias training can’t come soon enough.
  6. terrible receipts
    IHOP Prints N-Word on Teen’s Receipt, Apologizes With $10 Gift CardThe server has naturally been fired.
  7. the chain gang
    New Video Shows Another Starbucks Denying Bathroom Access to a Black ManThe video has now been viewed 1.5 million times.
  8. news you can booze
    Of Course People Are Calling This Horrible Heineken Ad RacistIt shows a beer slide past two darker-skinned people and ends with “Sometimes, lighter is better.”
  9. racism
    Applebee’s That Racially Profiled Customers Will Close for a Bit to ‘Regroup’It fired three employees who wrongly mistook two women for dine-and-dashers.
  10. the chain gang
    Papa John’s Forced to Deny It Makes the ‘Official Pizza’ of the Alt-RightA neo-Nazi website gave the chain props for bashing the NFL protests.
  11. the chain gang
    Pizza Hut to Papa John’s: NFL Protests Haven’t Hurt Our SalesThe rival chain chimes in.
  12. casual racism
    Kellogg’s Apologizes for Making Racist Corn PopsThe boxes’ only brown corn pop was depicted as a janitor.
  13. racism
    Just Try to Find a More Racist Video Game Than Dirty Chinese RestaurantThe worst.
  14. national anthem protests
    Restaurants Banning NFL Games Should Look at Their Own MenusThey come courtesy of immigrants.
  15. Tom Colicchio Renames Fowler & Wells to Remove Racist OvertonesIt’s now Temple Court, after the landmark building it’s located in.
  16. racism
    Charlottesville Restaurant Owner Threatened After Kicking Out Nazi Sympathizers“You’ve gotta go,” the owner told a group that gave Hitler salutes.
  17. South Carolina Restaurant Can’t Remove Confederate Flag Flying Over Its BusinessThe flagpole unfortunately belongs to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
  18. terrible receipts
    A Wendy’s Employee Got Fired for Yet Another Predictably Racist ReceiptA black state trooper found a receipt with “a form of the ‘N’ word” on it.
  19. racism
    A White Café Owner Celebrated MLK Day With a Fried-Chicken SpecialThey “have margaritas and tacos on Cinco de Mayo,” so NBD, right?
  20. terrible owners
    Dairy Queen Tells Racist Franchisee His Store Is Closed ForeverHe bragged to cops about shouting the N-word at a customer and her kids.
  21. terrible customers
    Another Horrible Restaurant Customer Left a Hateful Receipt MessageWhy does this keep happening?
  22. bans
    Kellogg Pulls All Advertising From Breitbart NewsThe cereal maker says the site’s racist bent isn’t “aligned with our values as a company.”
  23. the chain gang
    Chili’s Manager Takes Away Black Vet’s Free Burger on Veterans DayA customer in Trump shirt allegedly questioned his service to a manager.
  24. wasabi attacks
    Japanese Sushi Chain Apologizes for Serving Foreigners ‘Excessive’ WasabiThe chefs claim they thought tourists were “seeking more excitement.”
  25. on the offensive
    Restaurant Owner Bans Muslims As Payback for Recent Terror AttacksCustomers are now greeted by a “Get Out Muslims” sign in the parking lot.
  26. bad moves
    French Restaurant Kicks Out Veiled Women Because ‘All Muslims Are Terrorists’The chef was caught on video saying, ”I don’t want people like you at my place. Full stop.”
  27. awful customers
    Horrible Customers Write ‘We Only Tip Citizens’ on Their ReceiptThe server was actually American, and they’ve now been banned.
  28. horrible servers
    Server Learns the Hard Way That It’s a Bad Idea to Tweet Racist Death ThreatsShe got fired for saying it’d be great to “kill as many Mexicans as I could in one night.”
  29. Horrible Customers
    Oxford Student Refuses to Tip Server Because She’s WhiteHe said he was “unable to stop smiling” after she cried “typical white tears.”
  30. Racism
    Two ACLU Lawyers Claim a Bar Kicked Them Out for Being BlackThe owner should probably expect a lawsuit.
  31. Bad Moves
    Customers Outraged Over Racist Placemats“I have felt sick to my stomach and stressed out since seeing that image on the table where I was planning to eat my food.”
  32. Tips
    IHOP Calls ‘Black Ppl’ Receipt a ‘Teachable Moment’First lesson: Maybe don’t call future racist receipts “teachable moments.”
  33. Food Fights
    College Students Say Their Bad Cafeteria Food Is Culturally Insensitive““How could they just throw out something completely different and label it as another country’s traditional food?”
  34. Horrible Things
    World’s Worst Person Sets North Dakota Somali Restaurant on FireOfficials say it’s almost certainly a hate crime.
  35. Tips
    Customers Generously Tip Waitress Who Received a Racist ReceiptThe note said, “Tip for U.S. citizens only.”
  36. Racism
    People Still Offended by ‘Illegal Pete’s’The burrito chain with the terrible name just keeps on offending people.
  37. Awful Things
    Wendy’s Fired Two Employees for Writing Racist Slurs on a Kids’-Meal“I had to explain to my child what the ‘n’ word means.”
  38. Given A Bad Name
    Restaurant Learns the Hard Way Why You Never Name a Cocktail ‘StrangeAn ill-informed waiter didn’t make matters any better.
  39. Bad Signs
    Icelandair Apologized for Serving a Vodka and Stout Liqueur Cocktail CalledTweeting that it was “simply scrumptious” probably didn’t help things much.
  40. Circus Act
    A U.S. Diplomat in Uruguay Alleges She Was Denied Entry to a Restaurant BecauseThe American embassy in Montevideo is looking into taking legal action.
  41. Bad Taste
    NYC Brewpub’s ‘Racist’ Beer Slogan Is Pretty ShockingThere isn’t a lot of room for interpretation with this one.
  42. Racist Receipts
    A Restaurant Staffer Was Fired After Serving a Racist Note With Chicken WingsThe cook says the instructions were “meant for my eyes only.”
  43. Borders Crossed
    People Upset With ‘Illegal Pete’s’ Burrito Shop for Obvious“This is a place that’s going to instill violence in our community,” critics say.
  44. Shutdowns
    Restaurant’s Waitstaff Quits Midday, Alleging Racism and Way Too ManyHe allegedly fired people for being black, old, or fat.
  45. Racism
    Café Owner Told Job Applicant ‘Coffee Culture Is More About WhiteOutraged patrons stormed out in protest.
  46. Awful Things
    A South Korean Restaurant Banned ‘Africans’ Over Nonexistent EbolaThe owner quickly reversed the policy.
  47. Lawsuits
    Former Cooks Sue Barclays Center Over Alleged Discrimination and Racial SlursThe $5 million lawsuit also alleges that managers used racial slurs.
  48. Sign of the Limes
    Seattle Co-op Joins Campaign to Change ‘Racist’ Name of Kaffir Limes“Hate speech doesn’t belong in the produce department,” they say.
  49. Video Feed
    Indianapolis Restaurant Owner Who Posted Blackface Facebook Photo Says“My heart was truly paying tribute to something that in my culture transcends race.”
  50. Racism
    Restaurant Valet Fired for Writing ‘Jungle Fever’ onNext time, he could try simpler things to ID cars, like “blue Ford” and “red Fiat.”
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