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  1. Quote of the Day
    Jacques Pépin Has a Few Problems With Hell’s Kitchen“I believe it is a disservice to our trade and to young people who want to go into this business,” he said also.
  2. Quote Of The Day
    Stolen Ronald McDonald Mascot Finds Way Home 9 Months LaterMeanwhile, the hunt is still on for the kidnapper.
  3. Quote of the Day
    Tony Bourdain Says Even Chefs Should Stop Instagramming Their FoodThat settles that.
  4. Quote of the Day
    Ana Sortun’s Sound Advice for Women ChefsTwo of her head chefs are women, and four of six sous chefs.
  5. Quote of the Day
    Gordon Ramsay Says Reality TV Is Just As Good As Live SportsIt’s all about dealing with pressure.
  6. Quote of the Day
    René Redzepi’s Buddies at the Nordic Food Lab Have a Word of WarningCook your ants thoroughly, people.
  7. Quote of the Day
    Arrogant Swine Owner Plans to Blow Everyone’s Minds With Country HamHe may also be serving doughnuts.
  8. Quote of the Day
    Hamburger Expert Says We’ve All Been Tricked Into Eating Ketchup“Mustard and pickles were basically the only two condiments available,” he says.
  9. Quote of the Day
    Michael Alig Ate a Cronut and Burst Into TearsTears of joy, flaky dough.
  10. Quote of the Day
    Alfred Portale Finally Explains His ‘Towering’ Food PresentationsThe West Village restaurant has been open 30 years.
  11. That Guy
    Guy Fieri Loves Bobby Moynihan’s Guy Fieri Impression on SNLThey should probably just let him guest-host.
  12. Quote of the Day
    Jessica Seinfeld Gets All Religious on Bobby Flay’s GatoShe has some high praise, literally.
  13. Quote of the Day
    Chef Director Says Good Food Scenes Are Better Than ExplosionsHe cites some wonderful examples.
  14. Quote of the Day
    And You Thought High-Fructose Corn Syrup Was BadSicilians are fighting to take their food back from Mafia control.
  15. Quote of the Day
    Mob Wives Breakout Star Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola Opens“There is no parking around here, so I’m not going to get the people from Staten Island or Bay Ridge,” she says.
  16. Quote of the Day
    Daniel Boulud Seeks Order Out of ChaosHe knows when something’s not perfectly aligned.
  17. Quote of the Day
    Michael Pollan Doesn’t Quite Understand the Fuss Over His Most Famous LineThat includes fermented foods like kimchi, he says, but adds he’s not updating the line.
  18. Quote Of The Day
    Vidalia Onion Situation in Georgia Is Getting Real IntenseBland risks fines of up to $5,000 per bag or box of onions.
  19. Quote of the Day
    Massive Oklahoma Gun Range Will Have Attached Bar and Café for Some ReasonWhat could possibly go wrong?
  20. Quote of the Day
    Ari Taymor Would Rather You Didn’t Instagram Your DinnerJust put the iPhone down.
  21. Quote of the Day
    So Vidalia Onions Are Sort of Like Ramps?People care more about Vidalia onions than you might think.
  22. Quote Of The Day
    Drew Nieporent Had a Very Particular Set of Skills at McDonald’sHe’s moved on from the golden arches now.
  23. Quote of the Day
    Di Fara Pizza’s Margaret Mieles Has a ‘Love-Hate’ RelationshipNot matter how she slices it.
  24. Quote of the Day
    Drew Nieporent’s Bâtard Won’t Be ‘New American’The restaurant opens sometime this spring.
  25. Quote of the Day
    New York Is One Place Ryan Skeen Won’t QuitHe doesn’t want to smell the roses in California.
  26. Quote of the Day
    Anthony Bourdain’s Still Not a Fan of Guy-talian NachosJust don’t get him started on that “Peace, love, and taco grease” tagline.
  27. Quote of the Day
    José Andrés Will Change the Fast-Food Game NextIt’ll be open within the next two years, he says.
  28. Quote of the Day
    Sushi Nakazawa Was Almost Completely Lost in TranslationThe sushi master and the restaurant’s proprietor are an odd couple indeed.
  29. Quote of the Day
    Starburns From Community Not a Fan of Umami Burger’s New Monte“Yeah, it’s really me and I get really mad about food!!!” he writes. “The only thing worth getting mad about. That and racism.”
  30. Whey to Be
    Chobani Donates Yogurt Withheld From Olympians to Food BanksChobani is the official yogurt of the 2014 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams.
  31. Chef PSAs
    Jean-Louis Palladin Was a Great, Genius ChefVongerichten, Trotter, Ripert, and Keller all learned a thing or two from the late French chef.
  32. Whey to Be
    Chobani Supports Athletes With Kind Words Instead of Greek YogurtThis wasn’t how it was supposed to go down, but it’ll do.
  33. Quote of the Day
    Manhattan Borough President Has Strong 7-Eleven FeelingsThis has nothing to do with Buffalo Chicken Taquitos.
  34. Quote of the Day
    Rainbow Room’s Chefs Will Mine 75 Years of Menus for RelaunchThere will most definitely be classic cocktails on the menu.
  35. Quote Of The Day
    Daniel’s Pastry Chef Says Desserts Don’t Surprise Unless They AreThe pastry chef was appointed to her position last summer.
  36. Quote of the Day
    More Women Chefs Are Running the Show Than Ever BeforeA new generation of female cooks are working their way up through male-dominated kitchens.
  37. Quote of the Day
    Caroline Fidanza Is Happy People Aren’t So Bacon-Crazy AnymoreAnd that everyone’s a bit less weird about pork in general.
  38. Quote of the Day
    Bobby Flay Can Also Cook WellThe chef opens Gato in Nolita next month.
  39. Taking The Piss
    Jamie Oliver Not Big on Urban GardeningBeware of drunk people looking for bathrooms.
  40. Quote of the Day
    Andrew Zimmern Is a Modest GuyHe just doesn’t like places where they are “showing off for the sake of showing off.”
  41. Quote Of The Day
    Carl’s Jr. CEO’s Problems Will Be Solved With iPadsAlso, more outlets in Siberia.
  42. Quote Of The Day
    Apparently Morrissey’s Not So Happy With Jamie OliverBut seriously, who microwaves lamb in the first place?
  43. Quote Of The Day
    Anthony Bourdain Does Not Want to Play Beer Pong With YouSeriously, don’t even try.
  44. Quote of the Day
    Dave Arnold on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons and Comfort FoodTakeaway: Disarmament treaties with mac and cheese yield the best results.
  45. Quote of the Day
    Anthony Bourdain Says Chefs Are Crazy for a Good ReasonHe also praises Alex Stupak’s next-level carrots, says he owes Jacques Pépin one, and much, much more.
  46. Quote of the Day
    Daniel Boulud Says No Steak Should Ever Be Dry-Aged for 44 DaysDon’t even try that stuff with him.
  47. Quote Of The Day
    Ezra Klein Was Wasted by the Time the Spherical Olives ArrivedHe also says tipping is a “terrible policy” that should be abolished.
  48. Quote of the Day
    Danny Meyer’s Career Almost Ruined by Rogue Light FixtureHis best day ever involved braised short ribs and two bottles of Beaujolais with Julia Child, though.
  49. Quote of the Day
    Now There Are Pappy Van Winkle Conspiracy TheoristsThe greatest trick Old Pappy ever played was convincing the world that someone stole 65 cases, or something.
  50. Quote of the Day
    Giada De Laurentiis Cut Her Finger on Live TelevisionTake that, David Blaine!
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