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  1. grub guides
    12 Recipes We Can’t Wait to Cook From This Fall’s Best New CookbooksIncluding a Korean-Creole crossover dish, soul-warming southern food, and two impressive homemade pasta recipes.
  2. Food Books
    Questlove Is Writing a Book About Chefs and CreativityThe book, to be called somethingtofoodabout, will be published in April.
  3. Fans
    How Questlove Turned His Passion for Food Into a Great New ProjectThe Roots drummer and Tonight Show regular hosts food salons at his New York City home.
  4. Quest Explains It All
    Questlove Explains Closing Hybird on Facebook, Sort Of“I’m about nothing if I’m not about ideas.”
  5. Closings
    Questlove’s Hybird Closes in Chelsea MarketThe fried-drumstick stand has reportedly already cleared out of the space.
  6. Interviews
    Meet the Woman Who Paid $14,000 for a Dozen Cronuts“I felt I was going to win that auction lot no matter what, I have to say … I didn’t have a limit: Adrenaline was rushing!”
  7. Foodievents
    Someone Paid $14,000 for a Dozen CronutsAt least it was for charity.
  8. The Grub Street Diet
    Food & Wine’s Kate Krader Eats Fake Cronuts With Questlove“For whatever reason, I got to Philly and I became obsessed with finding fake cronuts.”
  9. Video Feed
    Watch Dominique Ansel Teach Jimmy Fallon, Questlove How to Make CronutsThen they shared the batch with the audience.
  10. Quote of the Day
    Questlove Drops Everything for CronutsDominique Ansel is bringing 200 cronuts to ‘Fallon.’
  11. Worst Night Ever
    A Box of Saltines Almost Ruined Questlove’s LifeA food bet encouraged vermin, rats made him move, and heebie-jeebies led to a lot of spilled salsa.
  12. Coming Soon
    This Fall, Stephen Starr Finds Out How to Get to Carnegie HallPractice, of course. And tuna tataki.
  13. A Wing and Ahmir
    Questlove Breaks Down New York’s Fried-Chicken Scene in Six Easy StepsOf course he likes his own the best.
  14. Openings
    What to Eat at Hybird, Questlove and Stephen Starr’s Fried-Chicken Spot inAlso serving dumplings and “Sexual Chocolate” cupcakes.
  15. Closings
    The Latest Dish and Fluid Nightclub Calling It Quits After 17 YearsIn its prime, the second floor club played host to everyone from King Britt to Diplo.
  16. Interviews
    Questlove on Instagramming Jiro Ono’s Food, While Hating People Who Don’t“I accidentally saw Jiro’s movie because the movie I initially wanted to see was sold out.”
  17. Gyoku
    Questlove Dreams of Jiro“I swear there is no filter.”
  18. On Fire
    The Most Twitter-Endorsed Restaurant of 2012 Is Mission Chinese FoodThat’s a lot of salt cod fried rice and Kung Pao pastrami.
  19. Exports
    Questlove Misses Hoagies and TastykakesWith Twinkies down for the count, those Tastykakes will surely become easier to find.
  20. Leftovers
    Star-Studded Sandy Relief at Pork Slope; Kobayashi Chows for Perfomance ArtPlus your “wildest froyo dreams come true,” red-velvet waffles, and more in today’s leftovers.
  21. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Essaywhuman?!!!??! Questlove to Rock Night MarketCool Quest is bringing his fried chicken and mush more to the next Night Market.
  22. Leftovers
    More Cocktails Coming to Chrystie Street; Food Deserts More Complicated Than WePlus: Leyla open for lunch, the New Taste of the Upper West Side, and more leftovers.
  23. FYI
    Questlove Teaming Up with Graham ElliotGet ready for Quest Loves Food Powered by Graham Elliot, debuting next month.
  24. Video Feed
    Watch the David Chang vs. Questlove Fried-Chicken Showdown on JimmyWith guest judges Tina Fey and John Slattery.
  25. Foodievents
    More Details on Night Market in Chinatown EmergeThe lineup for the Chinatown edition of the Food Trust’s Night Market takes shape.
  26. The Waiting Game
    Questlove Dreams of Food Trucks, Seeks Advice From Mario BataliThough rumors of a food truck have been quashed before, Quest was chatting them up with Grub Street Sunday.
  27. The Waiting Game
    You’ll Have to Wait a Little Longer For Quest Loves FoodThe debut of the mysterious food project from the Roots drummer has been pushed back.
  28. Personalities
    Questlove Is Cooking, But No One Knows WhatThe Roots drummer says he’s doing a food event next month.
  29. Foodievents
    What You Missed at FEASTIVALOf the the 75 participating restaurants, only, like, 10 were from Stephen Starr.
  30. Openings
    Details Emerge on CookClasses start on September 6 with Georges Perrier, but that’s already sold out.
  31. Menus
    Zama Rolls With QuestloveThe new roll, which is inspired by cheesesteaks, celebrates the Mighty Afro.
  32. Spot Check
    Spot Check: South Philadelphia Tap Room, 6 p.m., Thursday, 6/9The menu of stoner snacks included Chef Schroeder’s elusive chicken-fried cheesesteak.
  33. Foodies With Benefits
    Vetri Taps ?uestlove For His Great Chefs EventThe Roots drummer is, like, totally stepping up his foodie cred.