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  1. interviews
    Who Is Helping to Feed the City’s Migrants?With tens of thousands of people in need, restaurant owners like Beatrice Ajaero are stepping up.
  2. q&a
    Super Taste Was Set to Close, Until the Owner’s Son Took OverNow, the Chinatown noodle staple has expanded uptown.
  3. introductions
    Who’s the New Guy? Meet Our Restaurant Critic, Matthew SchneierA quick conversation on what to expect from his upcoming reviews.
  4. q&a
    Cafe Spaghetti Is Getting a SiblingChef Sal Lamboglia is expanding right around the corner.
  5. q&a
    Why San Francisco’s Top Restaurant Critic Is Resigning After Just Four Years“I had one year of normal restaurant-critic stuff, then everything went to shit.”
  6. q&a
    Chef Flynn McGarry Is Done Being a ProdigyIt’s been a long, strange journey from precocious culinary whiz kid to grizzled big-city restaurateur.
  7. it’s soup season
    Everything You Need to Know About ‘Soup Mother’A new name for an ancient approach to cooking — and something we all might want to try.
  8. q&a
    Eric Adams Wants to Change the Way We EatIf elected mayor this fall, will he try to veganize New York?
  9. interviews
    The Bartender Who Quit Cocktails to Become a Mortician“I had been thinking about it for years, but just trying to survive in New York — you’re constantly in that rat race and just trying to make enough.”
  10. q&a
    Legendary Pastry Chef Claudia Fleming Returns to the Danny Meyer Fold“I feel like the scene today is a baker’s paradise.”
  11. reopening
    Hao Noodle’s Zhu Rong on Reopening in China — and on Sixth Avenue“I love New York, but it’s just a different situation.”
  12. chef interrupted
    Rawlston Williams Opened Food Sermon 2.0 in February. Now He’s Doing It Again.The fast-casual counter at the Brooklyn Navy Yard returns next month.
  13. chefs interrupted
    Jody Williams and Rita Sodi Gear Up for TakeoutLasagna? “Oh my God, yes!”
  14. q&a
    Danny Meyer Misses Bumping Into PeopleWe spoke with the Shake Shack founder about sheltering in place en famille, structural flaws in the federal stimulus plan, and senior shopping hour.
  15. closings
    Smith Canteen Is a Popular Cafe With a Famous Owner — So Why Is It Closing?Owner and Cherry Bombe editor Kerry Diamond discusses the difficult decision to sell the shop and what kind of buyer she has in mind.
  16. q&a
    Why Everyone Should Care About the L.A. Times’ Brand-new Food SectionEditor Peter Meehan on Jonathan Gold’s legacy, Lucky Peach‘s influence, and beefing with Bon Appétit.
  17. interviews
    What’s It Like to Be the Hottest Chef in America?Edouardo Jordan looks back on his breathtaking year.
  18. interviews
    Meet the Illustrator Turning Restaurant Design Into Fine ArtMexican artist Rachel Levit Ruiz’s designs for Atla don’t exist in a vacuum; they’re part of something much bigger.
  19. Bookshelf
    Day of Honey Author Annia Ciezadlo on Her Favorite Middle Eastern“In Lebanon you have this, like, deep relationship with your neighborhood butcher; it’s almost like the relationship you have with your psychiatrist.”
  20. Interviews
    Danny Meyer Loves Brooklyn, Is Embarrassed by His Old Shoulder Pads“If I could spend three nights a week eating in Brooklyn, I’d be a very, very happy person. I get so much inspiration there.”
  21. Master Chefs
    Michel Bras on Apple Seeds, His Favorite New York Restaurants, and People“The palette of expression is phenomenal, and that’s the first thing you find in the garbage.”
  22. Q&A
    Tom Potter on Why Brooklyn Brewery Is Still Relevant in Its Home BoroughThe company’s co-founder doesn’t agree with the New York ‘Press’ that the brewery is “losing sway in its own backyard.”
  23. Q&A
    Rick Bayless Dishes on the Top Chef Masters FinaleThe previous Top Chef Master winner talked about this year’s aggressive tone.
  24. Bright Young Things
    Nate Appleman on Meatballs, Foam, and Why San Francisco Isn’t New YorkThe Rising Star of 2009 talks tripe and speaks out against burgers with arugula.