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Pure Food & Wine

  1. drama
    That Fugitive Vegan Restaurateur Is Headed to PrisonThe owner of Pure Food and Wine pleaded guilty to stealing from investors and failing to pay her taxes and employees.
  2. raw deal
    Pure Food & Wine Owner Gets Offered Lenient Plea Deal for Grand-Larceny ChargesOne to three years is what prosecutors have suggested.
  3. This Vegan Fugitive Restaurateur’s Story Just Became Even More InsaneDid Sarma Melngailis’s ex-husband, and partner in crime, brainwash her?
  4. drama
    Fugitive Vegan Restaurateur Ditches Partner in CrimeThe latest in the saga of Pure Food & Wine’s Sarma Melngailis.
  5. Booked
    Fugitive Raw-Food-Restaurant Owner Caught After Ordering Domino’s PizzaPure Food & Wine’s Sarma Melngailis has been missing since last August.
  6. Sued
    The Pure Food & Wine Owner Is Being Sued From All SidesHer former employees, vendors, and investors are all taking her to court.
  7. Interviews
    How a Prominent Restaurant Owner Is Bouncing Back After a Public Staff Exodus“If there was a way I could fix it, I’d die trying. There is nothing else.”
  8. Labor Disputes
    Pure Food & Wine Waitress Speaks Out“… it’s like, who’s this woman that’s never around, fucking everything up for people who work for her?”
  9. Neighborhood Watch
    Half-Price Drinks at Pure Food and Wine; Kitchen Reis Becomes Taqueria ReisPlus: Savoy’s fall dinner series begins, and Oaxaca Taqueria opens a third location, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.