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    The Farmer Who Filmed Suffering Perdue Chickens Is on the Verge of Being ShutCraig Watts’s chickens have sores, are overheated, and have a comparatively high mortality rate.
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    Chefs Compete For Local Ingredients; Goldman Sachs Accused of Aiding Global FoodLocavore chefs are racing to be first at the farm while the banking behemoth denies involvement.
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    Customers Wait Nearly an Hour to Place Orders at Vineland’s New Popeyes;Plus purdue recalls 90,000 pounds of chicken nuggets, and Goldman Sachs denies involvement in global food crisis, all in our morning news roundup.
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    Bad Water at Purdue; Ruth Reichl’s Sympathy SandwichPlus: Wendy’s gets fresh, and pizza bloggers in Baltimore get stalked, all in our morning news roundup.