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Pump Room

  1. Chefs
    Dying To Hear About The Pump Room? Well, You’re Going To Anyway.Jean-Georges Vongerichten talks about the Pump Room. Twice so far.
  2. Society
    Billy Dec To Stop Doing Whatever He Was Doing For Public HotelSchrager crew ends relationship with Dec & co.
  3. The Other Critics
    Sula Doesn’t Want To Be Like Mike; Kramer Likes Pump Room As RoomSula baffled by excess at Michael Jordan’s steakhouse, Kramer likes decor more than food at Pump Room.
  4. Preview
    Lucky Few Get Pump Room PreviewThe Pump Room won’t officially open for a few more weeks.
  5. What to Eat
    What to Eat at the Pump RoomIt’s time to see how the new Pump Room will work out.
  6. Chef Shuffles
    Pastry Chef Shuffles Continue As Kady Yon Takes Job at Public HotelPump Room gets an acclaimed pastry chef for its revamp.
  7. Contests
    The Name Remains the Same: Pump Room Lives OnWe hated the other name.
  8. Voting
    Vote Now to Decide Name of the Pump RoomWe are leaning towards keeping the restaurant the same.
  9. Sales
    Pump Room Gets LiquidatedWhat would you pay for some history?