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  1. puff piece
    Japanese Company Claims It’s Developed Nonlethal Puffer FishIt argues a farmed species means laws regulating the dangerous dish can be relaxed.
  2. Awful Things
    Some Toxic Puffer Fish Liver Sent 5 People to the HospitalFugu strikes again.
  3. Awful Things
    Entire Family Gets Paralyzed After Feasting on Deadly Pufferfish by MistakeFugu is apparently as dangerous as everyone says, and doesn’t have to be served raw and in Japan by a careless sushi chef to mess you up.
  4. Mediavore
    Villaraigosa Hands Out Turkeys; Locavores Learn To HuntThe city hold its 11th annual Thanksgiving dinner, while locavores learn to catch their own food.
  5. Mediavore
    Saltwater Fishing Licenses Required; Locavores Learn to HuntPlus: food stamp concerns, and a split for Cadbury, all in our morning news roundup.