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    Shanghai to Open in Former Mecca Space in Mid-AugustThe same guy behind Pudong and Gingerfruit, 83-year-old Francis Tsai, is trying one more time.
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    Gingerfruit Opens Tonight, Wiping the Yelp Slate Clean After PudongThe new replacement in the Mecca space will be more pan-Asian and tapas-y.
  3. Reopenings
    Pudong to Become Gingerfruit, Remain Under Same OwnersNo clear word on a reopening date, or whether they actually remodeled this time.
  4. Closings
    Pudong Closes, Lickity SplitAnd after only three months…
  5. Slideshow
    Step Inside Pudong, Now Open in Mecca’s Old HomeSee our slideshow of the lightly remodeled interior.
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    What to Eat at Pudong, Opening Tonight in the Former Mecca SpaceThe Shanghai-meets-France menu is here.
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    Pudong to Open in the Former Mecca Space By DecemberThe replacement for the popular Castro restaurant-turned-club will be Shanghai-focused.