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  1. Lawsuits
    Wolfgang Puck Sued…AgainA patron claims a waitress at his D.C. restaurant cracked her over the head with a metal water pitcher.
  2. Puck Plans
    Spago Adds Extra Helping of Priviledge to AKA Hotel GuestsYet another reason to envy the one-percent.
  3. Puck Plans
    Spago Reopens For Dinner, Reveals A Few New DishesThe refreshed restaurant is sneakily serving dinner.
  4. Puck Plans
    Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck Uniting to Announce Röcktoberfest at L.A. Live!Who better than an Austrian that can cater The Oscars to stage a stein and sausage fest?
  5. Puck Plans
    Wolfgang Puck Express Upgrades Into a Full-Service RestaurantThe restaurant has a new rustic look for its first sit-down dining room and bar.
  6. Puck Plans
    Wolfgang Puck Shares His Fears Over Spago’s RelevancyThe chef doesn’t want to see it go the way of Chasen’s or Le Dome.
  7. Temporary Closings
    Say Goodbye to Spago As You Know It, Closing July 9 For Fall RebootWolfgang Puck plans to announce a completely new menu on opening night, free of classics like his smoked salmon pizza and tuna tartare cones.
  8. The Presidential Palate
    Wolfgang Puck Catering Obama Bash at George Clooney’s HouseThe Spago captain will prepare a “special menu,” which probably means foie gras.
  9. Puck Plans
    Spago Cooking Up 20th Birthday Lunch in VegasWolfgang Puck will be joined by Bon Appétit’s Adam Rappaport and the restaurant’s current and original chefs for a two-hour lunch.
  10. Celebrity Settings
    Spago Makes Chocolate Electric Guitars, But Only For Gene SimmonsThe Kiss shiller notes his three favorite places to eat.
  11. Puck Plans
    Introducing The Inevitable Wolfgang Puck AppIn which the chef teaches you both how to cook and how to make reservations at one of his many, many restaurants.
  12. Video Feed
    Watch Wolfgang Puck Out-Funny All the Guests on Late Night with JimmyThe chef is so on, Aziz Ansari even asks if he’s on ecstasy.
  13. Mediavore
    Ramsay’s Missing Veggie Peeler Sparks Prison Panic; FDA Questions InhalableGordo’s team misplaces a utensil and Brixton Prison goes on lock-down.
  14. Puck Plans
    Wolfgang Puck on Battling Shyness, ‘Bogus’ Celebrity Chefs“Here I was in the hospitality business and people perceived me as being inhospitable,” the chef says.
  15. Lawsuits
    Settlement Reached in Employees’ Wolfgang Puck LawsuitThe $500,000 settlement is a mere drop in the bucket for the chef’s $400 million empire.
  16. Puck Plans
    Barbara Lazaroff Shreds Spago’s Plastic Surgery Plans“I thought it was an episode of Ashton Kuchner’s Punk’d [sic] … it was an Episode of Pucked .. Ugly is Ugly.”
  17. Puck Plans
    Puck Plans to Scrap Spago’s Menu During RemodelEven the famous smoked salmon and caviar pizza will disappear.
  18. Quote of the Day
    Bourdain Pans Puck’s Pizza and PitchingThe No Reservations star calls the great chef’s pizza “shitty,” though he grants him the full rights to make it.
  19. Mediavore
    World’s Fattest Mom Changes Course; Salt Raises Its ProfileDonna Simpson vows to lose weight, as long as the cameras stay on.
  20. Quote of the Day
    What Wolfgang’s WorthThe chef won’t admit his own income, but the company’s doing just fine.
  21. Quote of the Day
    Did Hector Camacho Lure Wolfgang Puck to Vegas?He’s not a Lakers fan, but he loves fights.
  22. Puck Plans
    Sonny Sweetman To Head Up Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-AirAfter running his own restaurant in Baltimore, the chef became a local lynchpin of Puck’s corporate catering division.
  23. Puck Plans
    Puck Gets Picked To Do The Cooking at Hotel Bel AirA smart move that could pique the interest of both old-timers and a new generation of moneybags.
  24. Puck Plans
    Wolfgang Puck Catering Takes Over at El Rey TheatreThe void left behind by Cowboys and Turbans is filled by the Spago chef’s company.
  25. Puck Plans
    Wolfgang Puck Plans WP24 on Top of New Ritz-CarltonAn Asian-inspired fine dining is coming Downtown from Spago’s creator.