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Publicity Stunts

  1. Bad Ideas
    Geraldo Rivera Offers to Take His ‘Demonized’ Pal Donald Trump OutPeople just don’t know the real Trump, apparently.
  2. Publicity Stunts
    A Restaurant Faked That Video of a Waitress Smacking a Handsy Customer“We knew that people like to watch fights.”
  3. Publicity Stunts
    Fat Guy Upset That Restaurant Didn’t Keep Pandering to His GluttonyOne man pickets an all-you-can-eat restaurant after they cut him off at twenty servings of fried fish.
  4. Video Feed
    Watch the David Chang vs. Questlove Fried-Chicken Showdown on JimmyWith guest judges Tina Fey and John Slattery.
  5. Protests
    Breaking: Protesters In Front Of XocoWorkers protesting a contracting company are using Rick Bayless’s name.