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  1. protests
    Video Appears to Show Cops Forcibly Arresting Activist Cooks in KenoshaThe Seattle group Riot Kitchen traveled to the Wisconsin city to serve food to protesters and others in need.
  2. protests
    Food Delivery Under CurfewRestaurant owners are moving quickly to keep their workers as safe as possible.
  3. donate
    How the Food World Can HelpA list of restaurants, food justice organizations, and other resources to donate to.
  4. george floyd
    As Protests Continue, Chefs Pledge Solidarity“Our window can be replaced. George Floyd can’t”
  5. protests
    Minneapolis Restaurant Owner: ‘Let My Building Burn, Justice Needs to Be Served’In a Facebook post, the family behind Gandhi Mahal offered solidarity to protesters.
  6. protests
    Why Restaurant Workers Are Protesting New York’s Minimum Wage PlanWhile the minimum wage has gone up to $15 for most tipped workers, restaurant workers have been left out.
  7. protests
    A Philadelphia Italian Ice Mascot Protested Abortion BansBrand engagement at its most surprising.
  8. sexual harassment
    Can Anyone Fix the Restaurant Industry’s Sexual-Abuse Problem?Yesterday’s nationwide McDonald’s strike was the latest reminder of a troubling epidemic.
  9. protests
    Watch a Woman Confront EPA Chief Scott Pruitt at LunchKristin Mink held her 2-year-old son in her arms as she urged the politician to resign “before your scandals push you out.”
  10. protests
    Senate Candidate Shows Up to Pro-Trump Protest Outside the Red HenThey gathered on Saturday, with signs attacking Democrats and, in at least one case, LGBTQIA+ people.
  11. the chain gang
    New Video Shows Another Starbucks Denying Bathroom Access to a Black ManThe video has now been viewed 1.5 million times.
  12. protests
    St. Louis Police Union Urges Harassment of Critical Pizzeria OwnerIn a Facebook post, it recommended supporters “excercise” their First Amendment rights.
  13. labor fights
    Fight for $15 Held Protests Across the Country on Labor DayFrom San Diego to Des Moines to Orlando, workers walked out.
  14. shortages
    India’s Political Unrest Has Caused a Darjeeling Tea ShortageOne grower calls it “the worst crisis we have ever faced.”
  15. controversies
    What’s Next for Summerhill, the Bar That’s Infuriated Crown Heights?It seems unlikely that it can continue with business as usual.
  16. protests
    New York Bakers Plan a ‘Day Without Bread’ to Protest Immigration CrackdownA campaign urges the city’s bakeries, restaurants, and cafés not to sell any bread tomorrow.
  17. protests
    José Andrés Is Closing His Restaurants Tomorrow to Protest Immigration Policies“A Day Without Immigrants” could have a big impact.
  18. seriously?
    Anti-Gay Protesters Are Picketing Outside Comet Ping Pong in Washington D.C.It was at the center of the bizarre Pizzagate hoax.
  19. protests
    Carl’s Jr. Workers Are Protesting Puzder’s Nomination in Dozens of Cities TodayCouncilmembers and labor leaders are expected to attend the New York rally downtown.
  20. coffee talk
    Some Trump Supporters Spent the Weekend Feuding With Starbucks BaristasSome people are upset that baristas won’t write “Trump” on their coffee cups.
  21. bug out
    Protesters Unleash ‘Biblical Swarm’ of Live Insects Inside British Burger ChainThey carted in “many thousands of live cockroaches, locusts, and crickets” in response to a crackdown on undocumented workers.
  22. Fighting Back
    A Brooklyn Bodega Is Protesting Rent Hikes With an ‘Artisanal’Boerum Hill’s newest destination for hand-cured salumi tubes.
  23. Not Cool
    Ice Cream Shop’s Planned Parenthood Benefit Met With Deluge of ThreateningIt received “very disturbing” voice mails and phone calls.
  24. 76 Trombones
    Lawsuit Alleges Musical Protestors Trashed Dishes Restaurant“If things are wrong at this place, it has to be rectified.”
  25. Let Them Eat Foie
    PETA Protesting Hot’s Kitchen TodayMembers will bear signs and hand out flyers to object to the restaurant offering free foie gras.
  26. Protests
    Joan Rivers Handcuffs Herself to a Costco Shopping Cart in BurbankIn what a store manager claims was a staged media event, the comedian came to protest the store’s refusal to peddle her new book.
  27. Beef
    Meaty Protest Doesn’t Faze Anyone at MozzaWhat happens when a bikini-clad protester tries to make an anti-meat stand at Mozza?
  28. Protests
    Protesters Would Like Paid Sick Days at Capital Grille, PleaseOf course, 75 percent of restaurant workers don’t get paid sick leave.
  29. Mediavore
    Anti-Hunger Advocates Protest Ban on Feeding the Homeless; Food Addiction Is aPlus: Watermelons get a pass as comedian Gallagher recovers from a heart attack; and all that green dye consumed on St. Patrick’s Day probably won’t kill you, all in our morning news roundup.
  30. Beef
    Dock Street Sticks It to the ManOn Wednesdays the brewery will not except credit cards for any transactions.
  31. We Say Tomato
    Tomatoes: Both Being Thrown and Being Protested in L.A. This WeekWhile a massive tomato fight in planned in L.A. County Fairgrounds, tomato pickers are picketing Trader Joe’s.
  32. Video Feed
    Hershey Hits a Sour Note With Foreign StudentsThe students walked out en masse yesterday in protest of being forced into low-wage labor at a Hershey plant.
  33. Protests
    Activist Group Holds Bake Sale for Disgruntled CME GroupHopefully they have blueberry muffins.
  34. Mediavore
    Cinnaminson’s Acme Is Another Casualty of the Grocery War; As ProtestsPlus: Believe it or not, Rachel Zoe does eat; and rising food costs in India force citizens to cut discretionary spending, all in our morning news roundup.
  35. Beefs
    James Protests Phillymag With Free BeerFeeling snubbed by an omission form Phillymag’s Top 50 Restaurants, James is exchanging free beer for copied of the magazine.
  36. Mediavore
    Old City Neighbors Oppose Hotel Plans; Bluefin Tuna Is Still at RiskPlus the rate of eating disorders among kids is up, and Mario Batali is suing a labor rights group for crank calls to his restaurants, all in our morning news roundup.
  37. Protests
    Commerce Is Latest to Get Pâté Police’s Message Rammed Down ItsA protest is planned for this evening.
  38. Beef
    Go Foie YourselfAriane Daguin of D’Artagan’s response to foie gras protesters.
  39. Beef
    Thomas Keller’s Feathers Are Unruffled by Foie Gras ProtestersThe Per Se chef is the latest to face criticism from the the Animal Protection and Rescue League.
  40. Ethics of Eating
    PETA Will Protest ‘Live Octopus’ Tonight (Plus: ‘Save FoieAnimal-cruelty activists go on the offensive.
  41. Crime Scenes
    Whale Wars Team Brings Pennywise and Reel Big Fish to Protest The HumpA Santa Monica sushi restaurant is ready to pay a fine for selling whale meat while a protest looms.
  42. Endangered
    Endangered Hot DogsProtests at Freddy’s Bar and Ray’s Candy Store.
  43. Lawsuits
    PETA Craps All Over Colonel Sanders TributePlus, KFC franchisees are steamed that corporate higher-ups are choosing grilled over fried.
  44. Beef
    LaBonge Regulates Larchmont BungalowA new Larchmont restaurant has residents up in arms.
  45. Beef
    PETA Protests Jay LenoChicken costumes face off with NBC Studios over Leno promotion.
  46. Videofeed
    Dance Protest Hits Oakland Whole FoodsActivists call out Whole Foods CEO John Mackey for his stance on health care, to the tune of “Hey Mickey.”
  47. Labor Unrest
    Servers Rally Against Tavern on the Green, MasaThere’ll be a union protest at Tavern on the Green today.
  48. Protests
    The Xoco Protest Flyer Attacks Rick Bayless’s ‘Celebrity Awards’Goldberg General Contracting, not Rick Bayless, is the target of protesters outside his churreria.
  49. Protests
    Breaking: Protesters In Front Of XocoWorkers protesting a contracting company are using Rick Bayless’s name.
  50. Beef
    Chrissie Hynde to Protest A West Hollywood McDonalds with PETA TodayChrissie Hynde will let her anger for McDonalds be felt in West Hollywood today.
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