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  1. wine pairing of the week
    How to Pair Wine With FunfettiGet the party started the right way.
  2. news you can booze
    Your Prosecco Habit Might Be Giving Italians AsthmaVineyards’ neighbors claim heavy pesticide use is taking a “dire toll” on heath.
  3. Poppin’ Bottles
    Epidemic of Spontaneously Exploding Prosecco Bottles Hits PennsylvaniaThe recall was announced “following several reports of full wine bottles spontaneously exploding” on store shelves.
  4. Mediavore
    Sick Pup Poisons Dogs with Pills Stuffed Inside Sausage; Prosecco Gets AllOrange juice futures surge on reports of fungicide contamination; and Starbucks rolls out two new blonds, all in our morning news roundup.
  5. Happy Birthday
    Bombay Palace, BLT Steak, and Cecconi’s Celebrate Birthdays with DealsFree prosecco, discounts, and parties abound for local restaurants’ celebrations.