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  1. Product Placement
    Archie and Veronica Dine at Tavern on the GreenThe gang comes to New York and can’t shut up about the Central Park restaurant.
  2. Top Chef
    Top Chef Announces Top Shills, Natalie PortmanDiet Coke and Macy’s join the ‘Top Chef’ cash machine. As does Natalie Portman.
  3. Top Chef
    Top Chef Discovers Entire New Level of ShillingIntroducing ‘Top Chef’ wine, cutlery, and flower arrangements!
  4. Marketing Gimmicks
    Top Chef: Shilling Across America!The new chefmobile tour promises to be an orgy of shilling.
  5. Top Chef
    Top ShillThe winner of ‘Top Chef’ wasn’t Hosea; it was, of course, all the products that got plugged (9,316, at the last count).
  6. Product Placement
    Padma Does a ‘Burger Shot’ for Hardee’sFirst there was Tom Coke-licchio. Now, Padma shilling for Hardee’s.
  7. Top Chef
    What ‘Top Chef’ Will Shill This SeasonLook for frequent mentions of Campbell’s soup, Diet Dr Pepper, and anything from Quaker.
  8. Product Placement
    Pierogi PlacementHas business picked up at Veselka since it was featured in ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’?
  9. Product Placement
    Kelly Ripa Looks for Perfect Turkey™ StoryWatch Kelly Ripa fumble through her cooking experience.
  10. Top Shill
    ‘Top Chef’ Product-Placement Numbers RevealedOf the cable programs featuring the most product placement, ‘Top Chef’ comes in at a respectable third place with over 9,000 instances in the first half of the year.