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    State Senate Says Private Booze Sales Are a Low PriorityDwundling tax revenues and the lack of a budget plan are a much higher priority.
  2. Booze News
    Latest LCB Privatization Plan Will Keep State’s Liquor Stores OpenThough changes were plenty, the proposal passed committee and could go to the House for vote this week.
  3. Booze You Can Use
    Run For the Border: Cherry Hill Okays Booze Sales at Grocery Stores and Big-Box
  4. Booze News
    Liquor Store Privatization Plan Doesn’t Add Up For SchoolsWe knew it wouldn’t be long until the other shoe dropped in this latest chapter of the privatization saga.
  5. Booze News
    Now Liquor Store Privatization Will Generate $1 Billion for Public SchoolsThe latest plan calls for turning over money raised from auctioning off liquor licenses to public schools.
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    Here We Go Again: Corbett Zeroing In On Plans to Cut Pennsylvania’s LiquorStrap yourselves in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
  7. Booze News
    Corbett Would Like to Give LCB’s CEO the BootThe Governor expects to eliminate the CEO position altogether.
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    Breaking: The Privatization Debate Is Officially Declared Dead!Lawmakers will spend what little time remains in this session working out the state’s budget.
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    The Privatization Debate Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Dead In Its TracksThe debate will most likely continue, but who knows when?
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    The Liquor Store Privatization Debate Appears to Be DeadLawmakers never resume debating the issue yesterday, and it’s doubtful they will before their summer break.
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    Liquor Store Privatization Debate BeginsThere’s still no sign of whether or not it will pass.
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    A Vote on Liquor Store Privatization Could Come as Soon as MondayPennsylvania’s House GOP is going to try to show they aren’t just talking the talk.
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    Lawmakers Renew Efforts For Liquor Store PrivatizationThe latest charge comes too little, too late, and seems like a lame effort to save face.
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    The State’s Top GOP Senator Has Doubts About Liquor Store PrivatizationHe fears plans to privatize will tank.
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    Liquor Store Privatization Going Nowhere FastAt least the conversation now includes beer distributors.
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    Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For Home Wine ShippingTurzai and supporters are still hoping that last year’s dead-in-the-water privatization bill still has a chance.
  17. App-etizing
    LCB: Now There’s an App For That, TooWhile privatization hawks continue with their empty threats, the LCB is moving forward with its modernization efforts.
  18. Booze News
    Liquor Store Privatization Now Taking a Backseat to ModernizationAll this talk of privatization has amounted to nothing more than a bunch of hot air.
  19. Booze News
    Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back to the Liquor Store…One of privatization’s biggest supporters is sticking to his guns, and his State House seat.
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    Not Only Isn’t the LCB Going Away, It’s Mulling Price Hikes!In the end the embattled booze board gets the last laugh.
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    A New Proposal For Privatization Gets House Liquor Committee’s ApprovalThe new plan will allow beer distributors and supermarkets to sell wine, but doesn’t scrap the state store system.
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    The Only Thing Pennsylvanians Hate More Than The LCB Are the Plans to Scrap ItCritics argue that a bill introduced earlier this doesn’t cut it.
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    Pour One Out For the LCBThe study says that selling off the state’s liquor stores is what’s best for Pennsylvania, its finances and its residents.
  24. Booze News
    Look Out LCB, the Ax Is About to Fall!The new 23-member panel will begin deliberating the future of PA’s liquor store system in coming weeks.
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    Sadly Cheap Boxed Wine Is Now the Center of the LCB Privatization DebateLCB CEO and Pennsylvania politicians just don’t see eye to eye when it comes to boxed wine.
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    Can You Say ‘Kiosk-Gate?’Turzai unearthed an LCB internal memo that recommended that the booze board not get tangled up with the wine kiosks.
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    Finally Someone’s Posing Some Serious Questions in the PrivatizationFrom the get-go the discussion has been dominated with talk of prices and selection.
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    It’s Game Over For PLCB’s ‘Worst Idea Ever’The machine’s makers are into the state for $1 million.
  29. Booze News
    No Big Surprise Here: Former PLCB Chair Jonathan Newman Backs PrivatizationThe former PLCB chair told crowds that privatization is now or never.
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    The Wine School Hosts a ‘Historic Moment’ In the Battle to AbolishThough details on the “major development” are few, the Wine School is encouraging public support.
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    The State’s Top GOP Senator Puts the Kibosh on Liquor Store PrivatizationWhen lawmakers return to Harrisburg in the fall they will have bigger fish to fry.
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    No Changes For Beer Sales in PA’s LCB OverhaulThe newly proposed rules promise big changes for how and where liquor and wine will be sold, but not beer.
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    Breaking: Turzai Unveils His Plan to Privatize the LCB; Corbett StillThe plan boasts a windfall for the state, but doesn’t explain what will replace lost revenue.
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    PA Lawmaker Vows Liquor Store Privatization Bill Coming Sometime Next WeekThe bill is coming but will anyone be there when it’s introduced?
  35. Booze You Can Use
    Gov. Corbett and Co. Back Off From Liquor Store SalesIn the face of fundraising and lobbying efforts by state store workers, the Corbett administration is backing off its campaign promise to sell of the LCB’s retail arm.