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Prison Food

  1. prison food
    Bill Cosby’s First Prison Meals Will Include Off-Brand Jell-O PuddingThe pudding at his Pennsylvania prison is listed as a “gelatin product” on the cafeteria menu.
  2. The Chain Gang
    Jared Fogle Got a Prison Job Making SandwichesThe irony of the new gig reportedly thrilled the guards.
  3. Prison Food
    So-Called ‘Cannibal Cop’ Works As a Cook in Prison“He has mastered making pizza,” his mom says.
  4. Ja’s Lasagna
    Ja Rule Made His Own Lasagna and Cheesecake in PrisonMozzarella and noodles: Put it on me.
  5. Prison Food
    What Not to Eat When The DEA Totally Forgets They’ve Imprisoned YouThe terrifying tale of Daniel Chong, who ate glass and drank urine when he was abandoned in a holding cell for five days.
  6. Prison Food
    Michael Jackson’s Ex-Doctor Literally Sick of Jail FoodConrad Murray says dysentery has caused him to lose 30 pounds since November.
  7. Mediavore
    Florida Prisoner Protests Soy Diet; UCLA Cafeteria Goes GlobalMystery meat is increasingly being replaced by sushi and pork ramen.
  8. Hunger Strike
    After Talks Fail, California Inmates Go Back on Hunger StrikePelican Bay inmates are joined by supporters in Southern California correctional facilities in refusing state food.
  9. Hunger Strike
    Massive Hunger Strike Unites California’s Factious State PrisonersA high of 6,600 prison inmates refused food this week to protest inhumane conditions.