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  1. Lawsuits
    A Judge Threw Out the Lawsuit Accusing Whole Foods of OverchargingBecause the customers who filed it didn’t save their receipts.
  2. Price Check
    Whole Foods to Pay $500,000 for Overcharging NYC Customers [Updated]It refused to pay the $1.5 million the city originally demanded.
  3. Lawsuits
    Shareholders Are Now Suing Whole Foods for Overcharging CustomersA federal lawsuit claims the chain broke SEC laws by misrepresenting its value to investors.
  4. Price Check
    A $15 Minimum Wage Will Only Raise Big Mac Prices by About 22 CentsFast food will still be very, very cheap.
  5. Price Check
    Whole Foods Executives Admit to Overcharging Customers“Straight up, we made some mistakes.”
  6. Price Check
    Whole Foods Under Investigation for ‘Routinely’ OverchargingThe high-end chain’s food might literally be too expensive.
  7. Price Check
    After Raising Prices, Sons & Daughters Drops ThemIt was $135, now it’s back down to $96.
  8. Price Check
    Should a Few Dim Sum Dumplings Cost $20? Like Ever?At M.Y. China they clock in at $18 for five, albeit with black truffle.
  9. The Other Critics
    Bauer ‘Still Love[s] Range’ But Dings Them for Value; Miller AdoresAlso, Miller loves the new boozy drinks at the Ice Cream Bar.
  10. Price Check
    Sons & Daughters Ups the Ante, Lowers Seat Count, à la SaisonAlso, they’ll be adding to the number of courses and generally slowing things down.
  11. Health Concerns
    Grand Jury Declares Healthy S.F. Surcharges ShadyThey found that ‘a small but growing number’ of restaurants were profiting from the pocketing of unused health care set-aside funds, and that the city should disallow the practice.
  12. Price Check
    Michael Mina Launches Extra-Indulgent Tasting MenuIt’s $245 without wine.
  13. Menus
    What to Eat on Sons & Daughters’ Summer Tasting MenuIt starts June 26.
  14. Price Check
    Sons & Daughters to Raise Prices Slightly, Nix Healthy S.F.Also, they’ll be adding a course, bringing the tasting menu to nine courses altogether.
  15. Price Check
    Regarding the Economics of Saison, and How Much Labor Goes Into Each Tiny HerbChef Michael Hung recently did a stage there, and shares his thoughts on the matter.
  16. Temporary Closings
    Saison Closed Due to Flooding From Last Night’s StormSome storm drains backed up into Saison’s kitchen, but they should reopen Saturday.
  17. Price Check
    Subway Nixes Five-Dollar Footlong Deal In S.F.The chain cites the higher cost of doing business in S.F. as the reason they can’t participate in the promotion.
  18. Neighborhood Watch
    Atelier Crenn Lowers Prices; Harrow Debuts in the FiDi; and MoreAlso, Orbit Room is doing a ‘Slow Sip’ happy hour.
  19. Price Check
    A Handy Guide to the Current Prix Fixes at S.F.’s Fanciest RestaurantsWhat does Quince cost these days, anyway?
  20. Price Check
    Meadowood to Launch $500 Chef’s Counter MenuThis makes it the most expensive menu in California.
  21. Ch-ch-ch-changes
    Saison Shifting to All Ticket-Based Reservations, Raising Prices [Updated]Regular dining room reservations, on weekends, are now $511 including beverages, tax, and tip.
  22. Neighborhood Watch
    Atelier Crenn Adds More Pairings; Wo Hing Adds Bar Stools; and MoreAlso, the Dixie preview dinners have been extended.
  23. Price Check
    Doggonnit: Another Price Raise at Gray’sThe hike is TBD, but you won’t be able to buy a dog for $1.50 anymore.
  24. Price Check
    Blogger Sees Red Over $5 Coke and David Chang Bubbles OverThe Momofuku man’s latest Twitter tiff.
  25. Deals
    Alexander’s Markets Their Worst Table, Between Two Bathrooms, For HalfYou get 50% off your entire bill, food and beverage.
  26. Neighborhood Watch
    Yamo Raises Prices, Thirsty Bear Temporarily Closed, and More
  27. Price Check
    Benu Does $500 Dinner, French Laundry Raises PricesThe regular tasting menu at Benu will run you $270 including wine, the same price the Laundry just went up to.
  28. Price Check
    Too Many Cooks in Mayor Mike’s Kitchen?The executive chefs at Gracie Mansion make $250,000 total.
  29. Price Check
    Per Se Hikes PricesFrom $135 to $295 in five years.
  30. Price Check
    Jordan’s Lobster Dock Offers At-Cost Lobsters for First Time in 40 YearsThe subject of the flick ‘Brooklyn Lobster’ is clearing out its tanks.
  31. Price Check
    Pickles Don’t Grow on Trees!Noah Bernamoff of Mile End explains why he charges several dollars for a plate of pickles.
  32. Price Check
    A Coffee at Benu Costs Sixteen DollarsAre we shocked? Not really.
  33. Price Check
    Salumè Announces Lower Prices After It’s Shamed for $20 SaladThe panini newcomer has gotten the message.
  34. Price Check
    Holy Basil: Totale Introduces the $5 Neapolitan PieThe best deal since the $5 footlong?
  35. Price Check
    Michael Pollan Thinks $8 For a Dozen Eggs Is a Bargain“Eight dollars for a dozen eggs sounds outrageous, but when you think that you can make a delicious meal from two eggs, that’s $1.50.”
  36. Price Check
    Why Do Lobsters Have to Cost So Much?Ed McFarland of Ed’s Lobster Bar explains.
  37. Price Check
    Lahey Wants Your DoughJim Lahey wants to make $12 bread.
  38. Price Check
    Lobster Prices Hover Around $7.64 This WeekWhere to find this weekend’s cheapest crustaceans.
  39. Price Check
    Lobster Prices Stay Steady at About $7.59 This WeekWhere to find this weekend’s cheapest crustaceans.
  40. Price Check
    Lobster Prices Down to About $7.59 a Pound This WeekWhere to find this weekend’s cheapest crustaceans.
  41. Price Check
    Lobsters Climb to About $8.50 This WeekendWe tell you where to find this week’s cheapest crustaceans.
  42. Price Check
    Lobster Prices Fall Under Eight Bucks This WeekWhere to find this week’s cheapest crustaceans.
  43. Price Check
    Lobsters About $8.15 a Pound This WeekendYour guide to the cheapest lobster in town.
  44. Price Check
    Pay What You WantDoes it work?
  45. Price Check
    A Sip of $10 Coffee in Crown HeightsWorth the splurge?
  46. Price Check
    Coffee Is Officially As Expensive As Wine NowIntroducing the $12 cup of coffee.
  47. Price Check
    Bi-Rite Soft-Serve Is as Expensive It Tastes
  48. Price Check
    Saigon Sandwiches Raises Prices By 25 Cents
  49. Price Check
    A Night at GoldBar Is Now Slightly Less UnaffordableAmazing news: The outlandish drink prices have been lowered.
  50. Price Check
    Standard Launches Beer Garden While Boom Boom Rumors FlyA source says that above the populist sausage party, there’ll be $25 drinks.
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