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Presidential Eats

  1. Presidential Eats
    Obama’s Endlessly Fascinating Diet Now Captured in Book FormFrom the publisher of ‘Sexy Dishes,’ get ready for ‘The Obama Menu.’
  2. Presidential Eats
    What Other Date Spots Did the Obamas Consider?A look at the presidential pros and cons.
  3. Presidential Eats
    Obamas at Blue Hill: Michelle Sips Martinis, Barack Goes for WineAnd Amanda Hesser is annoyed that Michelle doesn’t miss cooking at home.
  4. Presidential Eats
    Yet Another Locavore Group Hounds ObamaMario Batali and others have signed a letter to the White House.
  5. Presidential Eats
    Obama Reaches Out to Locavores, DrunksThe Obamas have appointed a new chef, mmmkay Alice Waters?
  6. Presidential Eats
    Long Island Restaurant Serves Chili The Way Barack Likes ItA special menu will cater to the candidates. Will Obama Waffles be served?