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    Bill de Blasio Really Ate That Corn Dog, Huh?He has to get people to pay attention to him somehow.
  2. presidential eats
    Here’s Mario Batali’s Menu for the Obamas’ Final State DinnerSweet-potato agnolotti, beef braciola, and a green-apple crostata are on the menu.
  3. Oeno-File
    The French Are Annoyed That Obama Is Serving California ‘Champagne’Korbel has made a special bottle of “Inaugural Cuvée Champagne,” and the French wish it said, “California Champagne,” or sparkling wine.
  4. Presidential Eats
    What They Ate Last Night at the Big Obama Fundraiser in S.F.The Scoop has the menu.
  5. Presidential Eats
    Tyler Florence and Alice Waters Host $20,000/Plate Dinner for ObamaAnd here’s the invite.
  6. Presidential Eats
    Tyler Florence Cooked for President Obama, Eddie Vedder at Tampa FundraiserHis wife Tolan tweeted throughout the meal.
  7. Presidential Eats
    Chef Keeps Menu at $40K-Per-Plate Obama Fund-raiser a SecretHe will dine at Hamersley’s Bistro, known for its roast chicken and neutrality.
  8. Presidential Eats
    President Obama Has Dinner for Breakfast in L.A.One trip to Roscoe’s yields a lifetime of fried foods.
  9. Presidential Eats
    Salmon at Obama Fundraiser Lunch Deemed ‘Very Good’Apparently, the salmon was quite good.
  10. Presidential Eats
    Barack Obama Is Lunching Downtown Right NowPOTUS’s favorite dish? Salmon.
  11. Mediavore
    President Obama’s Shark Fin Faux-Pas; Dino’s Burgers Opens in Pico-RiveraTongues wag as The Commander in Chief goes to one of San Francisco’s last restaurant’s serving the banned delicacy.
  12. Presidential Eats
    Obama Stops By Chinatown, Grabs a Bite at Great EasternTakeout dim sum!
  13. Presidential Eats
    Rocco Dispirito ISO President Obama in L.A.The celebrity chef is staying at the same hotel as The President, and wouldn’t mind catching a beer with the Commander in Chief.
  14. Presidential Eats
    What President Obama Will Be Eating This Thursday in San FranciscoMichael Tusk will be cooking for the President at a private fundraiser.
  15. Presidential Eats
    Barack Obama to Dine at Daniel While Michelle Digs Carrots in South AfricaThe President and First Lady are at opposite ends of the food spectrum this week.
  16. Presidential Eats
    Alice Waters to Cook for Two Michelle Obama-Hosted Fundraisers Next Week in theThe two events will be at the Claremont Hotel and the Golden State Warriors’ practice facility on Tuesday.
  17. FYI
    Will the Obama Administration’s New Food-Pie-Chart Thing Include Dessert?Just don’t call it a pie chart, because dessert has no place in a healthy diet.
  18. Presidential Eats
    What President Obama Will Eat at MK for $35,800Perhaps you’d like to take us?
  19. Presidential Eats
    Oh, and BTW, Obama Called Yigit’s Banana Cream Pie ‘Solid’Taste Catering were the ones catering the private dinner Obama attended in Woodside last week.
  20. Presidential Eats
    No, Obama Didn’t Show Up at ZeitgeistBut he did dine with Steve Jobs last night, who might not have long to live?
  21. Mediavore
    Obama to Dine With Apple, Google, Facebook CEOs; Spain Loses Anti-Molecular Chef
  22. Presidential Eats
    Armchair Cheffing the State DinnerIs the meal we’re serving Chinese President Hu Jintao as American as apple pie, or just plain boring?
  23. Presidential Eats
    Obama Makes Surprise Visit at TopolobampoObama made a surprise visit to Topolobampo on Saturday.
  24. Presidential Eats
    Michelle Obama’s Idea of a Local Farm Is, Like, So 2004Stone Barns. Really?
  25. Mediavore
    The Obamas Beat on Beets; Kelis Plans a CookbookThe President and First Lady don’t care for a Slavic staple and a singer hopes her new tome will bring all the foodies to her yard.
  26. Presidential Eats
    President Obama Celebrates Birthday at Graham ElliotGraham Elliot was humbled by the President’s appearance.
  27. Mediavore
    Benihana Heirs Up In Arms; Young Japanese Discovering Sake
  28. Presidential Eats
    Obama Prefers Midwest PizzaThe President likes his pizza cut into squares.
  29. Presidential Eats
    The White House State Dinner Menu Available Soon at TopolobampoHopefully it won’t take him three days to prepare this version.
  30. Presidential Eats
    More Chicago Chefs Visit the White HouseThey are all in town for Michelle Obama’s “Chefs Move to Schools” program.
  31. Presidential Eats
    What the Obamas Actually AteThe menu at last night’s Getty mansion fundraiser.
  32. Presidential Eats
    Where in S.F. Will Barack and Michelle Eat?The President and First Lady are in town tonight and tomorrow for Democratic fundraisers and we’re dying to know if they’ve got any restaurants on the agenda.
  33. Presidential Eats
    ‘Nothing Went Wrong’ for Rick Bayless at the State DinnerThe state dinner cooked by Bayless went according to plan, with no major mishaps.
  34. Presidential Eats
    Rick Bayless Has Not Been Tweeting From the White House or Cooking RodentsMore controversy comes for Bayless as the second state dinner arrives.
  35. Presidential Eats
    Is Rick Bayless Cooking Street Food at the White House?After saying that he wouldn’t be cooking street food, NPR claims he’ll be serving street food at the White House state dinner.
  36. Presidential Eats
    Obama Flips High Cholesterol the Bird, Feasts on Fried ChickenPlus, a pie baker turns against the Prez?
  37. Presidential Eats
    Marcus Samuelsson May Make Rare White House Kitchen CameoIt’s said the chef has been tapped to cook at a state dinner.
  38. Mediavore
    Another Bid for Cadbury; Waltuck Leaves MacaoPlus: Marcus Samuelsson goes to the White House, and a lobster-throwing restaurateur, all in our morning news roundup.
  39. Presidential Eats
    Garden Links Obama, Kennedy White Houses, Former Chef SaysAs White House chef Cristeta Comerford prepares for her first state dinner, San Francisco’s Rene Verdon remembers the Kennedy White House garden.
  40. Presidential Eats
    B.R. Guest Urges You to Vote BloomieLooks like that recent stop into Bill’s Bar and Burger worked out for Bloomberg.
  41. Presidential Eats
    Dominique Crenn Cooked for ObamaThe Luce chef cooked items off the restaurant’s menu for the prez to eat in his room.
  42. Presidential Eats
    Where Should Obama Eat in Boston?We’ve made our presidential picks. What are yours?
  43. Presidential Eats
    Where Should Obama Eat in San Francisco?We share our suggestions for Obama’s dining pleasure; what are yours?
  44. Presidential Eats
    Reminder From Spike Mendelsohn: Michelle Eats at His Place, TooThe ‘Top Chef’ alum has introduced a “Michelle’s Melt.”
  45. Celebrity Settings
    Confirmed: Michelle Obama at Gramercy TavernShe’s said to be there for lunch.
  46. Presidential Eats
    Obama’s Clam ErrorThe President ordered $200 worth of seafood at Nancy’s yesterday.
  47. Presidential Eats
    Atria, Home Port, and Other Vineyard Restaurants the Obamas Should TryMark Goldberg, Mat Schaffer, and Lynne Viera pick island eats for the First Family.
  48. Presidential Eats
    Where Should the Obamas Eat on the Vineyard?We pick a few restaurants for the First Family.
  49. Presidential Eats
    Dan Barber Respects Holy Trinity of Bruni, Waters, and ObamaBut he has something to say about organic hot dogs and the restaurant HE would’ve taken the Obamas to.
  50. Presidential Eats
    Obamustard!The latest in obamerchandise.
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