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President Obama

  1. Rum
    Genuine Havana Club Is One Step Closer to a U.S. RolloutJust in time for the ten-year re-release of ‘Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.’
  2. Power Moves
    President Obama Had an Enormous Cake for LunchHe made an unannounced pit stop and shelled out $38.99 for this six-layer, chocolate-covered behemoth.
  3. Swipeouts
    Some Poor Waitress Had to Tell President Obama That His Credit Card Was Declined“Turns out I guess I don’t use it enough.”
  4. News
    The Obamas Ate Burrata and Croquettes at Estela Last NightThe president also had some fluke carpaccio and endive salad.
  5. Controversies
    Obama’s ‘Latte’ Salute Managed to Offend a Lot of People WhoStarbucks seems to win this round, no matter what.
  6. Holy Guacamole
    President Obama Admits to Losing His Mind Over Chips and GuacamoleAnd FLOTUS is “going to take a break from French fries.”
  7. Lunch Break
    President Obama and Joe Biden Hit Up Shake Shack for LunchNo word on whether or not they like the new, “fresh” fries over the old crinkle cuts.
  8. Presidential Food
    Marcus Samuelsson Has Your Celebration Menu Right HereFour more years!
  9. Fine Arts
    Obama Head Made of Butter To Roll Through Loop This MorningBringing you the latest in presidential butter sculpture news.
  10. Presidential Eats
    Tyler Florence and Alice Waters Host $20,000/Plate Dinner for ObamaAnd here’s the invite.
  11. Presidential Pizza
    POTUS Pie: Obama Orders Di Fara–Style Pizza in VegasPresident Obama and his entourage had twelve pizzas delivered in Vegas.
  12. My Dinner With Barry
    Dinner With the President Could Be Yours for $3, or LessThey may call your high-school girlfriends during the background check and find out how much you were into that band Collective Soul.
  13. Personalities
    At Least He’s Popular SomewhereTime for Obama to make Martha’s Vineyard dinner plans.
  14. Booze News
    Why Is Anheuser-Busch InBev Trademarking Area Codes?Prepare for some generic area code beer.
  15. Mediavore
    Gas Prices Affecting Food Choices; Bin Laden Death Speech Interrupts ANGRSome Angelenos spend more time at the food bank than the supermarket now that gas has risen way past four dollars a gallon.
  16. Mediavore
    Del Taco Shooting Leaves Three Dead in San Bernadino; Gulf Spill Yet To AffectA multiple-homicide terrorizes a fast-food restaurant and the Deep Horizon spill shows little impact on seafood costs.
  17. Presidential Eats
    Obama Flips High Cholesterol the Bird, Feasts on Fried ChickenPlus, a pie baker turns against the Prez?
  18. Gigs of a Lifetime
    Psilakis for PresidentThe Anthos chef will be cooking for Barack on Greek Independence Day.
  19. Presidential Eats
    Yet Another Locavore Group Hounds ObamaMario Batali and others have signed a letter to the White House.
  20. Beef
    Feds Harsh Sixpoint’s ‘Hop Obama’ Beer BuzzThe Brooklyn brewer has been told to cease production, but it’s not going down quietly.