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  1. predictions
    The Ramps Are Coming (on April 18)Mark your calendars says Greenmarket psychic-farmer Rick Bishop.
  2. Predictions
    Andrew Zimmern Declares Filipino Food the New EverythingWanna bet?
  3. Predictions
    Alton Brown, Spice PsychicHint: rhymes with Tupac.
  4. In The Year 2012
    Chicago Food Snob Gazes Into Crystal Ball For 2012 Dining PredictionsAfter suffering a full week of annual dining round-ups, we all have a good handle on what restaurants that might have missed the radar this year. So what’s in store for 2012?
  5. Dream Big
    Food Trends for 2012 Include Big Plates and Basic PizzaWhere Born Rich becomes a film.
  6. Future-Talk
    James Beard Foundation Predicts 2012 Food TrendsThe group says canelés will be the next pastry item people start calling the new cupcake.
  7. Coming Soon
    Will Asian Small Plates be Boston’s Next Big Thing?The Red Lantern team shines a light on Southie.
  8. TV Land
    Los Angeles Crushes Aaron Sanchez’ StereotypesLos Angeles turns out to have more than the Chefs vs. The City star thought.
  9. Trimmings
    Sorella’s Chef, Emma Hearst, Passes Catty NotesWhat’s up with the weird ‘Note from the Chef’ at Sorella? Plus, female chefs make their 2009 predictions.
  10. Trends
    Blog Assesses 2008 Predictions While Magazine Makes 2009 PredictionsDid Epicurious’ predictions for 2008 pan out? And what will next year hold?