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  1. the art world
    Does This Single Pineapple Qualify As Art?It’s challenging assumptions about what fruit can be.
  2. Pranks
    Experiment Shows a ‘Chef’ Can Trick People Into Eating Bad FoodA good story can apparently hide a mountain of bouillon powder.
  3. Pranks
    Comedian Offers Extraordinarily Helpful Shopping Advice Through Prank Labels“Try to fill that eternal pit of sadness inside you with cookies.”
  4. Can It People
    Wine Label Pranksters Strike Again With Canned Soylent GreenBut it hasn’t realized this yet.
  5. Pranks
    Grocery Store Prankster Replaces Stodgy Wine Labels With More Hilarious Ones“Bitter clowns tears with a hint of suspicion. Great with lobster Therimdor.”
  6. Spartacusbucks
    Watch What Happens When Spartacus Orders at StarbucksSpartacus drinks a venti skim no-whip strawberry frappuccino.
  7. Video Feed
    Watch a Zombie Scare the Extra Cheese Out of Pizza LoversSometimes, they crave pepperoni.
  8. Not ‘sNice
    Coffee Shop Girl With Supernatural Powers Freaks Everyone OutThis should happen more often.
  9. Cheesesteaks
    Is Chink’s Steaks Rebranding an April Fool’s Prank?If true, it’s great. If not, it’s just a prank that’s in poor taste.
  10. Video Feed
    Guy Turns Himself Into Car Seat, Punks Fast-Food Workers“Instagram dat joint.”
  11. Pranks
    Gives New Meaning to ‘Feeding the Meter’Yum.
  12. Hazing
    BU Kids Hazed With Fish Sauce, Sardine CansAnimal House goes gourmet.
  13. You’ve Been Punk’d
    Pots and PranksA survey of yesterday’s food-world April Fooling.
  14. Pranks
    But a Guy Can Dream!Critic MC Slim JB makes a surprising announcement.
  15. Pranks
    Will Boston Get Sweet Revenge on the Butterfinger Bandit?Mayor Menino wants to fine the company that dropped oodles of candy on Copley Square.
  16. Scary Things
    Pranksters Foreshadow Doom on the LES“OPENING SOON: T.G.I.Friday’s!!!”
  17. Burgers
    In-N-Out or April Fool?Great news, or a good prank?
  18. The In-box
    Introducing the $12,000 Caviar, Kobe, Foie, Truffle, Moose-Snout KnishIs it as luxe as the $1,000 sushi roll?