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  1. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Poutine in New YorkPlus all our belt-loosening favorites, from smoked-meat-enhanced to thoroughly veganized.
  2. Good Gravy
    The White House Will Serve Gourmet Poutine at Tonight’s State DinnerIt marks Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s first visit.
  3. Oh Canada
    Here’s Some Jägermeister-Sauced Poutine Served in an Old BottlePlus, Canada gets its “very first 100% bacon sausage Hot Dog.”
  4. Gravy
    Mile End’s Intense 6-Day Poutine Week Returns Next WeekDid someone say General Tso’s poutine?
  5. Beefing Up
    Canada-Based Big Smoke Burger Opens First NYC Location Next MonthThey’re serving poutine.
  6. 33 Short Tweets About McPoutine
    Canadian McDonald’s New McPoutine Has a Genius SecretIt’s not the whole “available for a limited time” thing either.
  7. Imports
    Canada-Based Big Smoke Burger Signs First NYC LeaseNever mind the burgers — they have poutine.
  8. Events
    It’s Poutine’s World, We Just Live In ItPoutine Fest and more evidence of poutine’s moment.
  9. Menu Changes
    Chef Marco DeCotiis Serving Up Canadian Comforts at NoirThe East Passyunk Ave. restaurant and bar is offering more than just poutine.
  10. Enhancements
    Grass Fed: Now With TakeoutTake your oyster-topped burger home with you.
  11. Trends
    Someone Tell Portlandia’s WritersAre pickles passe?
  12. Poutine
    Khyber to Serve a Proper Poutine For Tomorrow’s Visit From UnibroueThe brewer is bringing beer, and fresh cheese curds from Canada.
  13. Smorg
    M. Wells to Make Cameo at Smorgasburg This WeekendStay awhile.
  14. Coming Soon
    Krista Kranyak’s Grass Fed: Also With Poutine!Krista Kranyak’s burger joint shall sling more than patties alone.
  15. Mediavore
    Michael Jackson’s Chef Gives Testimony; Top Chef Vets Opening EverywhereKai Chase says she was making lunch when she learned of the dire emergency.
  16. Truckin’
    Debbie Lee Launches The Poutine TruckThe Food Network star is back with her second truck.
  17. The Other Critics
    Virbila Visits Hostaria del Piccolo; Gold Plays at Playa and Picks Out PoutineThe L.A. Times calls Piccolo’s more approachable branch authentic, while L.A. Weekly finds much to enjoy at John Rivera Sedlar’s breezy new restaurant.
  18. food trends
    Poutine’s Identity CrisisIf poutine’s topped with foie gras and nobody’s there to taste it … is it still poutine?
  19. Mediavore
    Chicagoan Wins Poutine Eating Contest; Soda Makers Fight Soda TaxesPlus: Authentic Mexican hits Berlin, doctors warn that a gluten-free diet may actually be unhealthy, and artisan vodkas are the latest booze trend.
  20. Closings
    TPoutine Transforms Into Truck?The owner is thinking poutine on wheels.
  21. Other Sites
    NBC Launches Feast ChicagoA new food blog launches.
  22. Openings
    What to Eat at The Southern, Taking Over Chaise Lounge Next TuesdayChaise Lounge closes to turn into The Southern, a showpiece for chef Cary Taylor.
  23. Trends
    Even Upscale Restaurants Can’t Resist the Allure of PoutineA slew of upscale restaurants have added this decidedly downscale dish to their menu.
  24. Foodievents
    Mado’s Family Dinner Beefs UpAn all-beef family dinner includes “gratutious poutine.”
  25. Other Cities
    Bostonians Have Access to Plenty of PoutineBut whither Montreal’s other specialties?
  26. Openings
    There’s Just No Stopping PoutineA newcomer on the poutine scene.
  27. What to Eat
    Haute PoutineDuck-confit poutine appears on the menu at Hotel Griffou. Three’s a trend?
  28. Openings
    Blame Canada: Is Poutine Becoming Routine?TPoutine opens in Manhattan, and a poutine party in Brooklyn.