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Potato Chips

  1. lawsuits
    Wise Sued for Selling Mostly Empty Bags of Potato ChipsTwo angry consumers claim its bags are as much as 75 percent air.
  2. blue chips
    World’s Most Expensive Chips Will Set You Back $11 ApieceThey’re seasoned with rare mushrooms.
  3. Popularity Contest
    Get Ready for Chips That Taste Like Gyros, Biscuits, and TrufflesFrito-Lay’s new flavors actually sound pretty good.
  4. Craze
    Oiji Brings Korean Honey-Butter Chips to the East VillageUniquely sweet, salty, and sticky, with a notable moistened crunch.
  5. Popularity Contests
    Cappuccino Chips Are, Thankfully, No Longer HappeningWasabi Ginger has won Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” contest in an apparent landslide, and no one is demanding a recall.
  6. Crisps
    Scotland Finally Has Haggis-and-Whisky Flavored ChipsFinally, a flavor everyone can get behind.
  7. The People Have Spoken
    America Allegedly Voted to Put Cappuccino-Flavored Lay’s Chips IntoWasabi Ginger and Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese are headed your way, too.
  8. Reopenings
    Steve Arroyo Reopens Potato ChipsThe deli has a new coastal cape look with white slats and art featuring the crashing Pacific.
  9. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Potato Chips Inspire Their Own Gallery Show in Silver LakeAn exploration of over 50 flavors from around the world.
  10. The Name Game
    John Besh Starts ‘Sunday Suppers at Lüke.’ Really?Of course, this really isn’t the first example of someone biting Suzanne Goin’s famous dinner party.
  11. In the Magazine
    The Underground Gourmet on the Toucan and the Lion; Examining the Nouveau PotatoPlus: a recipe for goat-cheese-and-ramp sandwiches, and more from this week’s ‘New York.’
  12. R.I.P.
    Potato Chip Patriarch James S. Herr Passes AwayThe founder of the iconic snack brand Herr’s had been battling respiratory illness.
  13. FYI
    Our Generation’s ‘Spud’-nik Moment Has ArrivedShould researchers be spending their time perfecting potato chips, as opposed to, say, trying to stem global hunger?
  14. Blechtacular
    Will Squirrel-Flavored Chips Be the Next Hipster Bar Snack?Rest assured, a British company is working on them.