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  1. Pot Cookery
    Yet Another Costa Mesa Seventh Grader Arrested For Smuggling Pot-Laced BrowniesLiterally the exact same thing happened last month.
  2. Pot Cookery
    Weed Candy Warning Comes With Instructions For How It’s MadeThe report inadvertently includes instructions for making the cannabis-laden confections at home.
  3. Crime Scenes
    Guy Busted With 24 Pounds of Pot at Glendale In-N-Out BurgerMaybe he was just trying to tackle the fabled 100x100?
  4. Pot Cookery
    Lolinda-Adjacent Pot Club (at Former Medjool) Moves Forward
  5. Quote of the Day
    Does This Mean We Need to Find a New Dealer?Campanile chef Mark Peel thinks so.
  6. Crime Scenes
    Pot Brownies Send Students to the Nurse’s Office; Others to JailFitting that this news comes by way of Pottstown.
  7. Pot Cookery
    Marijuana Restaurant Opens in Oregon, May Get to StayAnd the cops in Ashland, Oregon, want to smoke it out of town.
  8. Pot Cookery
    In the WeedsAnother pot dinner, another costume for Starry Kitchen owner Nguyen Tran.
  9. Pot Cookery
    Jonathan Gold Eats Nine-Courses of Weed and Lives to Write About ItBut has trouble tasting the devil’s weed in nearly everything.
  10. Pot Cookery
    Alt Weekly Seeks Pot-Edibles CriticGet paid to get high, ladies and gentlemen. Imagine it.
  11. Mediavore
    Weed Workers Join United Food and Commercial Union; Kegger Cup Company Rakes ItThe 35,000 member-strong union promises to put its weight behind keep medical marijuana dispensaries open.
  12. Pot Cookery
    How to Score a Seat at Starry Kitchen and Lauren Quenioux’s Sinsemilla SupperThe two forces insist this is not for people solely seeking to get baked.
  13. Pot Cookery
    The Stoners at High Times Finally Get Around to Writing a Pot CookbookWhat took ‘em so long (besides the pot)?
  14. Pot Cookery
    Laurent Quenioux and Starry Kitchen Uniting on Underground Cannabis Pop-Up?The French chef is rumored to collaborate on a menu highlighting the flavors inherent in marijuana, while Thi Tran will showcase a selection of Chinese herbs.
  15. Oeno-File
    California’s Secret Pot-Infused Wines; Wine & Spirits Names BestAlso, climate change could spell doom for about half of California’s current wine-growing regions.
  16. Pot Cookery
    Saveur Tries Their Hand at a Cannabis CurrySome advice: You’re not supposed to use the low-THC stuff!