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Porsena Extra Bar

  1. the underground gourmet digest
    The Best New Things to Eat Right Now, RankedCurry cauliflower, cheesecake babka, porchetta mac ‘n’ cheese, and more.
  2. comebacks
    Sara Jenkins Is Bringing Porchetta Sandwiches Back to the East VillageThe roast-pork-sandwich shop is popping up for six weeks at Porsena Extra Bar.
  3. Underground Gourmet Review
    Review: Pop-Ups Lakh Lakh and Mr. CurryThey’re low-key love letters of sorts to their creators’ heritages.
  4. Restaurant Agenda
    Sara Jenkins’s 2012 Olio Nuovo Arrives at Porsena Extra BarStraight from the family farm in the hills of Tuscany.
  5. Openings
    What to Eat at Porsena Extra Bar, Porsena’s New Next-Door BarA narrow slip of a lunch counter by day, small-plates-dispensing wine bar by night.