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  1. restaurant review
    Barbecue Bliss in the BronxHudson Smokehouse is worth a trip from any borough.
  2. pork
    Is America’s Greatest Ham Tradition Doomed?Bad news out of the “ham capital of the world” is evidence of an industry that might be in trouble.
  3. shortages
    Bacon Prices Are 80 Percent Higher This YearAmerica’s reserves have hit a 60-year low.
  4. food safety
    Another Deadly Superbug Has Shown Up on America’s Pig FarmsExperts say the death rate for bloodstream infections “is up to 50 percent.”
  5. The Dish
    This Triple-Pork Salteña Is a Soup-Dumpling-esque MarvelThe Bolivian-American brothers behind TurnStyle’s Bolivian Llama Party pop-up consider the salteña the xiao long bao of South America.
  6. Recalls
    Whole Foods Just Recalled a Bunch of Frozen PizzaThe “uncured beef pepperoni” on 74,000 pounds of pies is actually pork.
  7. Animal Cruelty
    PETA Says Whole Foods’ Pork Is Less Humane Than People ThinkFootage from a supplier’s farm seems at odds with the grocer’s animal-welfare program.
  8. Food Safety
    China Wants Nothing to Do With America’s Drugged-Up PorkBut it’s the world’s largest market — so our country’s farmers are thinking it might be time to reconsider a controversial, widely used muscle drug.
  9. The Chain Gang
    American Pig Farmers Call Out Chipotle and Its British Pork Supplier [Updated]Industry advocates say their pork is just as good as Chipotle’s new purveyor and call the choice hypocritical.
  10. The Chain Gang
    Chipotle Has Figured Out How to Solve Its Carnitas Problem Once and for AllTender, delicious pork should be back at all locations before the end of the year.
  11. Recalls
    Cadbury Malaysia in Obvious Trouble for Pork-Tainted ChocolateWarning: May contain trace amounts of pigs, for some reason
  12. Pork
    Shuanghui International’s Smithfield Foods Merger Given Green LightPorktastic.
  13. Pork
    Prospective Buyers Offer More Money for Smithfield FoodsMaybe former spokesperson Paula Deen is a silent partner.
  14. Big Deals
    Chinese Meat Producer Buying Smithfield Foods Had a Maggot ProblemSomething is rotten here.
  15. Porky’s
    Chinese Company Buys Pork Megaproducer Smithfield Foods for $4.7 BillionHere’s what the future holds for the other white meat.
  16. Slideshow
    What You Missed at Last Night’s Cochon 555A look at what went down at the pork-centric cook-off.
  17. Grub Guide
    Thirteen Spectacular Pork Sandwiches That Aren’t the McRibWhy settle for some limited-time fast-food gimmick sandwich in a city that’s stuffed to the brim with juicy, fatty, soul-affirming pork-and-carb excellence?
  18. Blechtacular
    Consumer Reports Says Our Pork Is Full of Antibiotic-Resistant BacteriaBut is it all hogwash?
  19. That’s All Folks
    Fifteen Things to Blame for the Impending Bacon ShortageWe did this to ourselves.
  20. Pork
    Pig Is Going to Be Big This WeekendNo sense in squealing, there’s plenty of pig to go around.
  21. Menu Changes
    Whole Roasted Suckling Pigs Go On the Menu at MatysonSoft shell crabs get the boot, and whole roasted suckling pigs go on.
  22. Menus
    Mom Might Not Approve of Hungry Mother’s New Lunch MenuBut we do.
  23. Brunch Spots
    Alla Spina Now Does BrunchLike the regular a la carte options, pig is big on the brunch menu.
  24. Mediavore
    Fire on Lancaster Farm Claims the Lives of Thousands of Pigs; Clooney LaunchesPlus: Strong smells cause people to take smaller bites; and just like everyone else, cats are crazy about Greek yogurt, all in our morning news roundup.
  25. Openings
    Alla Spina Makes Its Debut TonightThe wait is over.
  26. Vday
    A Love Note From the Other White MeatHave fun tonight.
  27. Studies
    Pork: Your New ‘Nasal Tampon’Maybe it’s a red meat after all.
  28. Oink Oink
    Cochon 555 Is BackPorking.
  29. Contests
    We Have A Winner for Two Tickets to Tonight’s Patina After-PartyA limerick that pays tribute to the other white meat is declared the victor.
  30. Look Who’s Popping Up
    What You Missed at Last Night’s Little Pig Pop-UpAs the restaurant’s regular staff vacationed, chef-owner Mike Stollenwerk enlisted a skeleton crew to prepare a roasted pig for the Southern style meal.
  31. Mediavore
    Another Patron Gets Gunned Down at a Longtime Upper Darby Nuisance Bar; PepsiPlus: Big forks make you eat less; and China stockpiles frozen pork, all in our morning news roundup.
  32. Foodievents
    Want Boston to Get A Year-Round Market? Then Pig Out!Sam Adams hosts a barbecue pork-a-thon to support the Boston Public Market Association.
  33. Pork
    How Long Before This Turns Into a Book Deal?When it comes to pork, everyone’s got a story.
  34. Menus
    What Makes Southwark’s Pork So Darn Good?In city preoccupied with all things porcine, proclaiming the tastiest pork is a bold move.
  35. Mediavore
    Foie Gras Quesadillas Protested at LudoBites; Did Bin Laden Die By PorkyThe French chef’s pop-up restaurant still sold at least one to basically every table.
  36. Mediavore
    Nutter Proposes Soda Tax to Close City Schools’ Budget Gap; Was Bin LadenPlus: Kids in California spend 24 hours in a Denny’s to set a Guinness World Record; and fast food jobs become desirable in the tough economy, all in our morning news roundup.
  37. Mediavore
    California Pizza Kitchen Will Sell For $407 Million; Marmite Banned in DenmarkThe mammoth pizza chain is going to purchased by Golden Gate Capital.
  38. Freebies
    Help Kick Jake’s Sandwich Board’s PigThe sandwich spot celebrates its first year in business with free roast pork sandwiches.
  39. Slideshow
    What You Missed at L.A.’s First Cochon 555Tim Goodell brought pork-fat ice cream, Lindy and Grundy held a butchering demo, and no belly left unstuffed.
  40. Foodievents
    Cochon 555 Finally Comes Around To L.A.Chefs from Jar, The Bazaar, Mozza, Palate, and Ford’s will each compete by cooking a 175-pound heritage hog.
  41. Menu Changes
    Jordan Sauter’s ‘Slammers’ Are Kind of Like Sliders With BallsWith his “slammers” Jordan Sauter hopes to unseat the mighty slider.
  42. Foodievents
    Menage a Pork at Black Boar TomorrowSpuds, suds, and hand-cured pork belly mark a supposed national holiday at Black Boar pub.
  43. Mediavore
    Local Groups Receive Grants For Maintaining the Region’s Food Systems;Plus: British airline EasyJet offers bacon and ham to passengers headed to Israel; and livestock farmers make a case for reviving the American bison, all in our morning news roundup.
  44. Mediavore
    FBI Probes L&I and Police For Alleged Extortion and Corruption; Aretha FranklinPlus: Catalan chef Santi Santamaria passed away; and a consumer group seeks a ban on the potentially carcinogenic “caramel coloring” that’s an ingredient in most sodas, all in our morning news roundup.
  45. Pork
    Matt Jennings Wins Boston’s Cochon 555 for the Third TimeA winner has been announced for Boston’s Cochon 555.
  46. Musical Theories
    We’d Totally Listen to a Song About ProsciuttoWe’re pretty sure the new song from Kanye and Jay-Z — called “H.A.M.” — is actually going to be about ham.
  47. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Champ Kevin Sbraga Mingles Italian, African American and LatinoSbraga encourages cooks to embrace multiculturalism and have fun with it.
  48. Personalities
    Chris Santos Is a Dork for PorkThe Beauty & Essex chef has some telling tattoos.
  49. Grub Map
    New York’s 35 Best Pork Dishes: MappedAll of Adam Platt’s picks for the best pig in the city, now in convenient map form.
  50. Slideshows
    L.A.’s Five Best Pork DishesA look at five new favorites poised to please the city’s cult of the other white meat.
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