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Pope Francis

  1. video feed
    Even Pope Francis Thinks President Trump’s Diet Is FunnyHe asked Melania if she feeds him Slovenia’s version of a jelly roll.
  2. The Chain Gang
    Così Is Blaming Pope Francis for Lackluster September SalesApparently business tanked because the chain has so many D.C., New York, and Philadelphia locations.
  3. Bummers
    The Pope’s Visit Was Actually a Financial Disaster for Restaurants“This affected business worse than Hurricane Sandy.”
  4. Tie-Ins
    Here Are the Most Over-the-Top Foods Commemorating Pope Francis’s VisitYou can eat pizzas and pretzels in his spitting image.
  5. Health
    Doctors to Infallible Church Leader: Lay Off the Pasta, FatsoThe pope needs to stop carbo-loading.
  6. Video Feed
    An Ecstatic Pizzeria Owner Rushed to Deliver a Pie to Pope FrancisAnd there’s video!
  7. Eat the Pope
    Get Your Pope Food While It’s HotFrancis-inspired cookies and ravioli.