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Plcb Shenanigans

  1. Booze News
    Can Record Sales Save the PLCB?For its just concluded fiscal year, the state-run booze board reports record sales.
  2. Booze News
    The LCB Is Totally Digging Its Own Grave With Those Wine KiosksThere really isn’t any good news to report about the LCB’s dismal, costly and potentially life-threatening experiment.
  3. PLCB Shenanigans
    Lawmakers Want to Allow Beer Distributors to Sell LiquorThe union that represents liquor store employees is firing back, saying the deal is one-sided.
  4. PLCB Shenanigans
    LCB Plans to Put Booze in Its Wine KiosksThe critically panned program will begin testing sales of spirits in the months to come.
  5. PLCB Shenanigans
    Is a Twenty Year Grudge Really at the Heart of the Privatization Debate?The push to privatize started with a failed attempt to but Bailey’s Irish Cream.
  6. PLCB Shenanigans
    Corbett Turns to Consultants to Conduct Liquor Store StudyThe move sends a message to voters that the governor is clueless in his quest to privatize the state’s liquor stores.
  7. PLCB Shenanigans
    Despite Dismal Performance LCB Plans to Roll Out More Wine KiosksSurely the LCB wants to fail.
  8. Booze You Can Use
    Lawmakers Get Ready to Rumble Over the Pros and Cons of Liquor PrivatizationDeliberations over the future of liquor sales in PA will surely drive lawmakers to drink.
  9. PLCB Shenanigans
    It Sure Sucks to Be the LCBAs Harrisburg weighs the future of the state run liquor agency, Wegmans upstages them with its own wine dispensing program.
  10. PLCB Shenanigans
    Take Two: LCB Reboots Wine KiosksWhen it comes to their wine kiosks, the LCB believes that if first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
  11. PLCB Shenanigans
    LCB Pulls the Plug on Wine KiosksSo much for the “high tech” wine dispensing machines bringing the state-run liquor control board into the 21st Century.
  12. PLCB Shenanigans
    More Than Twenty LCB Employees Get Fired For Fishing Off the Company PierEvery single employee from Store 5103 has been let go.
  13. Booze News
    You Can Thank PLCB For Higher Booze CostsPLCB will increase the handling fees of distilled spirits and wine; restaurants and bars will have little choice but to pass the price hikes on to you.
  14. Health Concerns
    PLCB Wants Four Loko Pulled Off Store ShelvesIt’s not an outright ban, but more like a polite request.
  15. PLCB Shenanigans
    PLCB’s Wine Kiosks Stoke the Ire of Liquor Store EmployeesThe union alleges that the state’s liquor control board is too closely connected to the liquor industry to fight underage drinking in a meaningful way, especially when its puts a wine dispensing machine on a college campus.
  16. Lawsuits
    PLCB Moves to Get the Garces Trading Co. Suit DismissedIn the latest tuen of events, the PLCB has requested that the lawsuit be dismissed.
  17. PLCB Shenanigans
    Even the Brits Are Skeptical of PLCB’s Wine Vending KiosksThe BBC mocks PLCB’s wine kiosks, describing them as a series of hoops customers must jump through in order to purchase wine.
  18. PLCB Shenanigans
    Wine Kiosk Pilot Program Exceeds ExpectationsWine sales during the pilot program surpassed projections by 20 to 30 percent.
  19. PLCB Shenanigans
    Garces Trading Co. Is Applying For a Liquor LicenseThe application for a liquor license is certainly the sign that something big is happening.
  20. PLCB Shenanigans
    Pennsyltucky Perplexed by Wine KiosksPLCB claims success, but Pennsyltucky residents are unsure.
  21. Mediavore
    Wine Kiosks Are Coming to Philly This Fall; Jersey Peaches Arrive Sooner andPlus McDonald’s banks on beef-up beverage line for a better bottom line, and Chuck Schumer calls for crack down on malt beverages targeted at children all in our morning news roundup.
  22. PLCB Shenanigans
    Critics Agree: PLCB Wine Kiosks Are the Worst Idea EverThe consensus is, the kiosks are likely the stupidest things ever imagined.
  23. PLCB Shenanigans
    Beer Week’s Opening Tap Ceremony Saved by the Grace of GodSt. Timothy’s Episcopal Church stepped in to be the event’s permit holder.
  24. PLCB Shenanigans
    Boring Beer Raid HearingsNot much happened in Harrisburg
  25. PLCB Shenanigans
    Celebrate Prohibition Repeal TonightThe city’s oldest bar rolls back prices and rolls out potatoes
  26. Scandals
    Politicians Not Super Psyched About Speakeasy SchoolThe finger-pointing begins
  27. Scandals
    Schoolhouse Speakeasies the Next Big Thing?Charter school by day, club by night!
  28. PLCB Shenanigans
    After a Year, Brew Finally Coming to BrewDeep South Philly gets its first craft bottle shop
  29. PLCB Shenanigans
    Johnstown Flood Tax Drying Up?Another proposal to modernize the PLCB
  30. PLCB Shenanigans
    Beer Raid Updates from the BreweratiCatch up on the latest on the bar raid fallout
  31. PLCB Shenanigans
    Beer Raids Anger the BreweratiDon’t mess with craft beer enthusiasts
  32. PLCB Shenanigans
    More Fallout from PLCB Bar RaidsThe PLCB’s actions have angered the Brewerati and others
  33. PLCB Shenanigans
    What Kind of Concerned Citizen Reports a Bar for Unregistered Beer?A bar raid called in by a “concerned citizen” raises some eyebrows
  34. PLCB Shenanigans
    Beer Distributors Not on Sixpack Sales BandwagonNot everyone’s thrilled about the proposed sale of beer in supermarkets
  35. PLCB Shenanigans
    Could Supermarket Sixpack Sales Become a Reality?A Republican state senator is attempting to reform PA beer laws
  36. Openings
    Garces Trading Company Will Open February 16Details on Jose Garces’ newest project
  37. Openings
    Zavino Will Open Saturday NightThe new pizza spot will open its doors this weekend
  38. PLCB Shenanigans
    PW Analyzes PLCB ShenanigansPW investigates the PLCB
  39. PLCB Shenanigans
    Wine Kiosks Coming to Supermarkets Everywhere But Center CityPLCB to Center City: Suck It!