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    Adam Platt on Danny Meyer’s Huge Tipping Announcement“I’m on the record as being anti-tip. The whole custom is absurd, and there’s really nothing that’s voluntary about it.”
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    Adam Platt Is Answering Your Questions Right NowHe’s doing a Facebook Q&A at this very minute.
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    What Are Your Burning Food Questions for Adam Platt?Our critic is doing a Facebook Q&A.
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    Platt Chat: How a Critic Prepares for Fall Opening Season“You have to don the old feedbag and head out into the maelstrom.”
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    Platt Chat: A Return to Pulchritude“I’m sensing less patience these days with the high-minded theatrics for the haute-forager era …”
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    Platt Chat: When Does a Restaurant Truly Deserve a Zero-Star Review?When is it necessary to step back and call attention to a restaurant’s badness?
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    Platt Chat: Do New York’s Critics Need More Interesting Restaurants toAren’t there enough new spots in New York to keep critics busy?
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    Platt Chat: The World’s 50 Best ClubWhat happens when a restaurant goes from being the best in a city to aspiring to the title of best in the world?
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    Platt Chat: The Newest Critics in New York“I think it’s a watershed moment in the development of food-writing for the web.”
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    Platt Chat: Multi-Starred Restaurants and the Post-Gourmet Era of DiningHow should star designations play out when every new restaurant has two-star ambitions?
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    Platt Chat: Empire Building and the Necessity of Restaurant-World StarsNew York’s critic discusses Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Michael White, and the Torrisi team.
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    Platt Chat: Ego-Driven Chefs and the Constant Search for New ExperiencesNew York’s Adam Platt and Alan Sytsma discuss the fascination with restaurants where chefs run the show, regardless of what diners might want.
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    Platt Chat: Bar Breton, Txikito, and One-Star Bomb Shelters“Monsieur Renaud is much more comfortable in the kitchen than modeling ‘casual style’ restaurant décor.”