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Pizza Wars

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    L&B Spumoni Gardens Is Expanding to DumboThe square-slice icon will open a second location across the street from rival pizza spots Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s.
  2. pizza wars
    Times Critic Says New York’s Best Pizza Is in New JerseyHe awards three stars to Jersey City’s Razza.
  3. Pizza Wars
    How To Distinguish The Two Opposing Sides In L.A.’s Quick-Serve Pizza WarBlaze Pizza secures funding to spread franchise across the country, while Umami’s shogun will likely have a more patient approach.
  4. Pizza Wars
    ‘No Slices’ Shocker: Grimaldi’s Takes Old Totonno’sFire up the coal oven one more time.
  5. Pizza Wars
    How Patsy Grimaldi, the 81-Year-Old New York Pizza Legend, Is Getting His GoodRevenge is a dish best served piping hot from a coal-fired oven.
  6. Pizza Wars
    A History of New York’s Feuding Pizza DynastiesFrom Lombardi’s onward.
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    30 Rock’s Scott Adsit and John Lutz Are All About Chicago-StyleAnd Grub Street respectfully disagrees with the two poor, misguided souls.
  8. Pizza Wars
    Dollar-Slice Race on Sixth AvenueA price war is escalating between new-ish 2 Bros. and the dollar-slice joint two doors down.
  9. Pizza Wars
    L’asso vs. Lombardi’sAnother combatant is named in the pizza wars.
  10. Pizza Wars
    So Is L’asso’s New Artichoke Pie Truly the Best in the City?The Nolita pizzeria has challenged Artichoke Basille’s to a duel.
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    Slice to ‘Vice’: Get Your Pizza Facts StraightPizza purists attack the ‘Vice’ pizza guide.