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  1. The Truffle Shuffle
    Truffle-Topped Pizzas Work Their Way Into WhistAt $60, it’s a bit more reasonably priced than Umami’s new truffle burger.
  2. Blehtacular
    Tasty Garden Slings Peanut Butter PizzaOr more accurately, “peanut butter báobǐng.”
  3. Openings
    Patxi’s Opens Their Sixth Outpost in the SunsetThis is their fourth S.F. location thus far.
  4. Happy Birthday
    Win Free Pizza for a Year from Luggage RoomThe restaurant celebrates its first year with deals and a contest.
  5. Foodies With Benefits
    Don’t Put Down That Fork, Now L.A. is Having a Pizza FestivalSo far, the involved restaurants hardly look the kind that could redeem L.A.’s oft-criticized pizza scene.
  6. Pizza! Pizza!
    Postrio Getting New Life Via Pizza Pop-UpsIt’s not a pop-up if it’s just a once-a-week pizza night, but anyway…
  7. The Other Critics
    Linda Burum Finds Got Sushi? in King’s Burgers; Gold Mocks Venice at GjelinaThe restaurant inside of a restaurant finds Katana alum Jun Y. Cha making inspired sushi and nigiri.
  8. Quote of the Day
    Oakland Rapper Kreayshawn Disses Zachary’s
  9. Pizza! Pizza!
    Secret Menu Item of the Week: Buffalo Pizza BombIt’s a pepperoni slice with blue cheese and buffalo sauce baked into it.
  10. Pizza Pizza
    Today in Pizza: Deep-Dish Hits Manhattan Beach, Napoli-Approved Pies inThe news could be very upsetting for Marina del Rey’s Antica Pizzeria.
  11. Pizza! Pizza!
    Regarding the New Detroit-Style and Anchor Steam Beer-Crusted Pizzas at
  12. Previews
    Redd Wood Will Bring Pizza to Yountville By Early DecemberRedd chef Richard Reddington is aiming for early December for his pizzeria project.
  13. Lists
    Regarding the Best Margherita Pizza in S.F.
  14. Pizza Pizza
    The Unstoppable Artichoke Pizza Now at Local SupermarketsArtichoke is thinking about Vegas, airports, stadiums, and your freezer.
  15. Pizza! Pizza!
    Slice Crowns Flour + Water, Pizzaiolo, Una Pizza Among Top S.F. PiesAlso, they love Emilia’s in Berkeley, Pizzeria Delfina, Picco in Larkspur, and Pizzaiolo.
  16. Openings
    San Diego’s Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza Opens in El SegundoThe chain has a huge selection of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian offerings, but we’re going straight for the mini duck tacos.
  17. Rumor Mill
    Charlie Hallowell at Work on New East Bay Projects?This rumor comes on the heels of Boot & Shoe’s cafe expansion in Oakland.
  18. The Other Critics
    By Way of Apology, Bauer Ups Lafitte a Half Star; Kauffman Anoints the Top FiveKauffman’s pizza picks only include one newcomer.
  19. Openings
    Toddy G’s Becomes Pizzanista!Under co-founder Salman Agah, it reads exactly like a Toddy G-less Toddy G’s.
  20. Pizza Pizza
    Stella Rossa’s Pizza Chef is A Freakin’ Fat Duck Vet and Arzak Apprentice!Jeff Mahin also left a certain job at Alinea to make pizza in Santa Monica.
  21. Pizza! Pizza!
    ‘Fear and Loathing’ Pie at Tony’s Contains Neither LSD NorIt’s more of a cactus-and-peppers thing.
  22. The Other Critics
    Virbila Appraises Playa; Jonathan Gold Hoists A Glass at SteingartenJohn Sedlar brings out the artist in The L.A. Times, while L.A.’s beer craze sweeps up L.A. Weekly.
  23. The Other Critics
    Where There’s Pizza, There’s Three Stars: Bauer’s Review ofShould this be a surprise?
  24. Empire Building
    Tony’s Pizza Expands to New York900 Degrees, his new pizzeria, opens in the West Village next week.
  25. Closings
    Good Pizza in SoMa Becoming (What Else?) a Wine BarThe restaurant at 7th and Mission is becoming a “wine tavern” come May.
  26. Pizza! Pizza!
    Check Out the Draft Menu at Cupola Pizzeria, Opening in Late May in theSee the full draft menu, subject to change.
  27. Empire Building
    Extreme Pizza Growing to Westwood and The South BayThe owner of Ocean Tava Indian Bistro is bringing a location next door in Redondo Beach by the end of May.
  28. Pizza Pizza
    What to Eat at Stella Rossa, Now Open in Santa MonicaA simple menu of white and red pies is complimented by a strong draft beer presence and wines from California and Italy.
  29. Empire Building
    Vinny’s Pizza Takes Over Fioretto SpaceL.A.’s pizza scene is booming with a mix of new chef-driven restaurant plans and the spread of some neighborhood stalwarts.
  30. Empire Building
    Zoe Nathan and Josh Loeb Will Next Tackle PizzaHaving conquered burgers, seasonal menus, and artisan ice cream, the Santa Monica power couple plans to focus on pizzas.
  31. Strip Search
    Strip Search: Avenues 56 to 61, Highland ParkWhere to find great tacos, Vietnamese-American comfort food, and an old-school pizza parlor in Northeast L.A.
  32. Empire Building
    Fresh Brothers Starts Construction on South Beverly TodayThe Midwest-influenced pizza chain is making inroads into Central L.A.
  33. Empire Building
    Joe’s Pizza Coming to Hollywood Blvd., But Isn’t Really Joe’s PizzaApparently, owner Giuseppe Vitale has been pushing the truthful bounds of his East Coast heritage.
  34. Lists
    Food & Wine Blesses Flour & Water, Pizzaiolo as Best Pizzas, IgnoresA new listicle from F&W.
  35. Pizza Pizza
    Pizza Pro Declares Vito’s White Slice a WinnerNine-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani goes loco for a slice at Vito’s on LaCienega.
  36. Previews
    Sausalito’s Bar Bocce to Feature ‘New Style of Pizza’It’s pizza with a sourdough crust and funny toppings.
  37. Reopenings
    Pasadena’s Manny’s Pizzeria Reopening in BrentwoodClosed after serving Old Town for 20 years, the pizza and pasta restaurant has a tiny new home.
  38. Pizza! Pizza!
    Sea Urchin Pizza? Should We Be Saying ‘Yum’?That’s a lot of slimy little orange tongues.
  39. Mediavore
    Another Reason to Drink Red Wine; Who’s L.A.’s Hottest Chef?Researchers discover a possible health benefit for treating type two diabetes in your bottle of Cabernet.
  40. Reopenings
    Vinny’s Pizza Springs Back to Life in El SegundoThe restaurant says they’ve cut the menu in-half to focus on their best-sellers.
  41. Pizza! Pizza!
    More Details on Cupola, the Neapolitan Pizza Place from Lark Creek“The pizzas will be wood-fired and very Neapolitan.”
  42. Pizza! Pizza!
    Lark Creek Pizza Venture Gets a Name: CupolaThe name, appropriately enough for the Westfield, means “dome.”
  43. Pizza! Pizza!
    Jonathan Darsky’s Pizzeria Project Remains In the WorksHis project still has no certain location, but it’s not dead.
  44. Empire Building
    South Bay’s Beach Pizza Coming to WestchesterHaving landed on Pizza Today’s “Top 100” list, the Manhattan Beach restaurant looks to expand.
  45. Pizza! Pizza!
    Boot & Shoe Service Expanding in OaklandThe owner’s taken the lease on the next door Cafe DiBartolo space.
  46. Openings
    Manhattan Lucali ConfirmedWill open near Little Italy.
  47. Pizza Pizza
    Say It Ain’t So: Domino’s Is New York’s Most Popular Pizza?!There’s no way this is true, right? RIGHT?!
  48. Closings
    Pizzeria Closes in the MissionThis bucks the trend…
  49. Funnies
    Fresh Brothers Wishes You Happy Holidays in Its Own Special WayThe local family-owned chain expresses their good cheer through the medium of pizza.
  50. Empire Building
    La Grande Orange Takes Gouda & Vines Space for New Pizza PlaceCould it be a second version of The Luggage Room that the company recently brought to Pasadena?
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