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  1. twitter fails
    Coke Gets Roasted for Confusing Pittsburgh and Philadelphia on TwitterDoubtful it could’ve confused two cities with a more hostile relationship.
  2. hold your horses
    People Are Upset That an Acclaimed Pittsburgh Chef Served HorsemeatHe tells critics it was sustainably sourced from Canada.
  3. Donald Trump Jr. Insults LGBTQ Students Who Don’t Like Chick-fil-AHe mocked kids at Duquesne who say they’re “triggered” by a new campus location.
  4. The Chain Gang
    Here’s a Burger King Order With Ants Crawling All Over ItA customer claims it came this way.
  5. News
    The Latest Restaurant to Abolish Tipping Offers Workers a $35K Salary InsteadThey’re also getting health benefits and shares in the business.
  6. Lists
    America’s ‘Manliest’ Restaurant Is In PittsburghThe restaurant’s sandwiches are certainly meaty and testosterone-appropriate.
  7. Booze You Can Use
    Franklin Mortgage Puts Its Sanity On the Line While Paying Homage to OtherThe infamous mixologist from Pittsburgh’s Embury joins the Franklin crew in mixing up homage to other great cocktail bars.
  8. Etiquette
    Pennsylvania Restaurant Owner Bans Babies and ToddlersRather than ruin everything for everyone, the restaurant owner has asked customers to leave the little ones at home.
  9. Openings
    Primanti Bros. Sandwich Comes to New York, Via Rye HouseThe owners of Sala open a Union Square spot specializing in brown liquor.