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Pippa Middleton

  1. 86’d
    Telegraph Cuts Pippa Middleton’s ColumnIt was fun while it lasted.
  2. Shuckers
    Pippa Middleton Shucks OystersWhere’s the mignonette?
  3. Pip Pip Hooray
    Pippa Middleton Presents Omelette Sushi and Duck Roll Recipes in First MagazineFriday is the only proper night to feast.
  4. Mediavore
    Sean Combs Sued After Restaurant Shooting; Avocados and Mangoes Promote MaleThe lawsuit centers on an incident at Justin’s, the rap mogul’s Atlanta restaurant.
  5. Mediavore
    Court Eases Rules For Stop-and-Goes; Avocados and Mangoes Make Men More FertilePlus: doughnut shops are, like, a thing in Shanghai, all in our morning news roundup.