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  1. Events
    ‘The World’s Most Expensive Ham’ Dinner at EL Ideas, May 19A very special hammy dinner at EL Ideas.
  2. Events
    Zimmerman and Foss To Make Pintxos at Barcito, Kato To Make Tacos at MercaditoGuest pintxos and tacos.
  3. Events
    Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn Coming to EL Ideas For Workshop, Oct. 21Authors of Charcuterie and Salumi coming to EL Ideas for a one-day workshop.
  4. Events
    Ideas in Food Meets EL Ideas (And You Can Join In)Ideas in Food blogger bringing workshops to EL Ideas.
  5. Blogs
    New Blog Eat and Stage Goes Inside Chicago KitchensNew blog about staging at Chicago restaurants.
  6. Chefs
    EL Ideas: Anti-Restaurant Week Sells Out Again, New Reservation SystemPhillip Foss revamping reservation system at Next.
  7. Events
    Foss, Bonsoiree’s Thompson To Collaborate On Anti-Restaurant Week Dinner Feb. 21We talk to Philip Foss and Shin Thompson about an anti-promotion promotion.
  8. Food Trucks
    Foss To Park Meatyballs Truck, Take ELFood truck chef to focus on fine dining concept.
  9. Renovations
    Lula Cafe Closed for ExpansionBoth Lula Cafe and EL have some big plans for the weekend.
  10. What to Eat
    What to Eat at EL, Opening TomorrowWe will finally get a chance to see what Foss has in store tomorrow.
  11. Video Feed
    Watch Phillip Foss Sell Meatyballs, Cook at EL, and Explain Why He Was FiredChow takes a look inside EL, and follows Foss about town.
  12. Chef Shuffles
    Andrew Brochu Joins Phillip Foss at ELAndrew Brochu will bring the modern flair to the new concept.
  13. What to Eat
    Preview of What to Eat at EL, Now Taking ReservationsThe new project looks like it will open up to the public soon.
  14. Openings
    Phillip Foss Hosting Trial Run for EL TonightPhillip Foss is testing out EL tonight for a few lucky guests.
  15. Coming Soon
    Foss Reveals Location of El; Deleece Moves Down the BlockPlus: The Dock at Montrose Beach gets ready for the summer.
  16. Coming Soon
    Phillip Foss to Open El in JuneFoss is opening a new restaurant in June.
  17. Truckin’
    Meatyballs and City Provisions Planning ‘Culinary Swap’Check out a new meatball dish tomorrow from Meatyballs.
  18. Bets
    What Will You Bet for a Bears Win?
  19. Truckin’
    Meatyballs DoublesPhillip Foss expands his Meatyballs empire.
  20. Video Feed
    Phillip Foss Gets Kinky with Freeze-Dried SaffronWatch what Phillip Foss does with freeze dried saffron.
  21. WTF
    Chicago Chefs React to Outed L.A. CriticChefs respond the outing of the L.A. critic.
  22. Trunkin’
    Meatyballs Takes on McDonald’sMeatyballs takes on the clown.
  23. Food Truckin’
    Feast on Some Banh Mi-tyballs Right NowIt just keeps getting better.
  24. Truckin’
    Meatyballs Comes to YouFoss brings the Meatyballs to you.
  25. Truckin’
    Meatyballs is DownThe Meatyballs truck already has some issues.
  26. Summer Vacation
    What Chefs Do for Summer VacationSome of best chefs in Chicago detail their summer vacations for the Sun Times.
  27. Food Writing
    Phillip Foss Pens His MemoirPhillip Foss pens his autobiography.
  28. Truckin’
    Phillip Foss Asks “Matt, Can I Borrow the Gaztro-Wagon?”Phillip Foss to show food truck food concepts at Gaztro-Wagon.
  29. Foodievents
    The Speakeasy Throwback and a Bathtub Full of BoozeThe charity event helped raise money for the Shawn Koch Foundation.
  30. Competitions
    Todd Stein Battles Phillip Foss with the “Frank ‘n’Todd Stein competes in the celebrity chef sausage contest at Franks ‘N’ Dawgs.
  31. Truckin’
    Foss Hops on the Gaztro-Wagon TodayGet a sneak peek at a potential new food truck today.
  32. Foodievents
    Drink Up at the Speakeasy Throwback with a Bathtub Filled with BoozePhillip Foss does it again.
  33. Beefs
    The Chef and the Journalist Discuss the Lollapalooza Food FeudThe journalist and the chef talk about the Lollapalooza food vendor feud.
  34. Singles
    Aaron Deal Is One of Chicago’s Top 20 Singles of the YearThe Custom House chef recently moved to the city and is already making a name for himself.
  35. Competitions
    Phillip Foss’s Reign of Sausage TerrorPhillip Foss makes another bet.
  36. Truckin’
    Phil Vettel Claims It’s Hell or Hoboken for Chicago Food TrucksThe Tribune
  37. Video Feed
    Phillip Foss Brings Asian Carp to the Masses on TodayPhillip Foss discusses Asian carp on the Today Show.
  38. Truckin’
    Food Truck Proposal Up for Vote on June 9The vote may help bring a food truck scene to Chicago.
  39. Competitions
    Iron Dawg Chicago: Foss Hog Battles the Duffy DuckEat both sausages to see which one is best.
  40. Quote of the Day
    Will You Remember Me?Phillip Foss blurs the line between dinner and a joke.
  41. Foodie News
    The Reader’s Mike Sula Joins the Food Truck FrayDozens of reasons are hindering food trucks in Chicago, but a couple of alderman are taking up the case.
  42. Mediavore
    Foss Catches 4,500 Pounds of Asian Carp; Top Chef Expands to CanadaPlus: KFC’s Double Down hurting its image, Annoying Orange gets a TV deal, wine education heads to college.
  43. Dishes
    Phillip Foss Rebrands the Asian CarpHoping to appeal to more customers, Foss decides a name change is in order.
  44. Deals
    Phillip Foss Wants Your Opinion on His CarpNo tip necessary, but please, leave him a comment.
  45. Back of the House
    Shocker: Chefs’ Kids Love to EatHow Kristine Subido and Phillip Foss get their kids to have adventurous palates.
  46. Foodievents
    The Critics Walk Among Us for Phillip Foss’s BirthdayThe Lockwood chef’s birthday party is tonight, and he’s invited all the critics.
  47. Recipes
    Tempt Your Lady Love with ‘Oysters Enveloped in the Scent of a Woman’Phillip Foss delivers a fully slurpable Valentine’s Day recipe, double entendre intended.
  48. Porking
    Phillip Foss Wonders Whether Chicago’s Love for the Pig Has Gone Too FarMaybe, but it won’t stop him from serving up a single dish using four kinds of pork.
  49. Deals
    Take a Half-Price Trip to LockwoodGroupon offers half off at Lockwood.
  50. Marketing Gimmicks
    Free Bugs Bunny Stew at LockwoodPhillip Foss offers a free rabbit dinner.
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