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Philip Kirschen Clark

  1. NewsFeed
    Kirschen-Clark Leaves Jimmy’s for PeguThe secret chef moves into a bigger kitchen.
  2. In the Magazine
    Dining Out With Food Allergies; Platt on South GateWhere to eat if you’re allergic and whether to dine at South Gate in this week’s magazine.
  3. Foodievents
    Locavore Banquet Comes to Jimmy’s Sunday NightThe Secret Chef himself, Philip Kirschen-Clark, will be doing a “100-mile dinner” at Jimmy’s on Sunday.
  4. NewsFeed
    Jimmy’s Secret Chef Performs Culinary Miracles in the East Village We always like Jimmy’s — the Belgian beers, the sausage plates, the occasional bacon tasting. But nothing could have prepared us for our recent discovery of a living, breathing young chef working gastronomic magic in Jimmy’s ultraprimitive kitchen. Using only two hot plates and a toaster oven, Philip Kirschen-Clark, the former fish man at wd-50, is making surprising, inventive dishes every night at the East Village bar.