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  1. petitions
    Trader Joe’s Says It Will Change Its ‘Racist’ Product NamesAn online petition was launched calling for the grocer to change branding of product lines like Trader Ming’s.
  2. petitions
    Can a New Petition Finally Convince In-N-Out to Create a Veggie Burger?Getting the famously obstinate chain to make any menu changes is usually an impossible task.
  3. the chain gang
    Employees Are Angry at Chipotle for Understaffing StoresA petition argues that many workers have already left “to find jobs that appreciated their hard work.”
  4. the chain gang
    Employees Accuse Starbucks of Cutting Hours and ‘Killing’ Workplace MoraleThe situation’s gone from “tight to infuriating.”
  5. The Chain Gang
    Petition Demands Starbucks Terminate All Leases at Trump-Owned Properties“Starbucks is a bold company that values belonging, inclusion, and diversity.”
  6. Caught Bare Handed
    Celebrated Sushi Chef Petitioning DOHDavid Bouhadana’s restaurants have been closed since October 22, and now he’s taking to Change.org to rectify that.
  7. Very Important Causes
    Guy Explains That He Was Just Joking About Petitioning Cracker Barrel to ChangeRyan Koch was surprised that his “satirical” petition got such a huge response.
  8. Petitions
    Endless Roadwork Threatens Future of East Village Gem Punjabi Grocery & DeliSave our samosas!
  9. Hot Lunch
    Tom Colicchio and Dan Kluger Join Fight to Supply Free School LunchesA critical mass of celebrity chefs is now pressuring City Hall Twitter.
  10. Petitions
    Tom Colicchio Wants to Make Sure No One Outlaws GMO Food LabelsMore than two dozen states have passed or have GMO-labeling legislation pending.
  11. No Slices
    Lower East Side’s Anti-Pizza Crusader Has Really Had It Up toThe petitioner is mad as hell and not going to take pizza, any pizza, anymore.
  12. No Slice
    Petition Seeks to Stop Pizzerias From Opening on the LESWe have met the enemy and he is garlic knots.
  13. The Chain Gang
    15 Food Petitions of Incredible Significance You Should Probably Sign Now“I used to treat my kids to Starbucks scones once a month, now there is nothing they like.”
  14. Starbucks Diplomacy
    Petition to End Shutdown Ushers in Age of Starbucks DiplomacyWhat does the coffee chain want? When does it want it?
  15. Vegetables
    Fumo’s Fiancee Files Petition to Put Broccoli Rabe Behind Bars [UPDATED]Just don’t drop a rutabaga in the shower.
  16. 911
    There’s a Petition to Save the Longwood Sami’sThey need a gyro-ic act on your part.
  17. Mediavore
    Ocean City Withdraws BYOB Initiative; Cheesecake Factory Strives to Feed thePlus: Scores of new restaurants are on Philly’s horizon; and July was a particularly bad month for restaurants, all in our morning news roundup.
  18. Petitions
    Logan Square Kitchen Hopes to ‘Transform’ Chicago’s Health DepartmentWant to sign a petition??
  19. Food TV
    ‘Fin’-ished: Food Network Eighty-Sixes Its Shark RecipesThe network has pulled all recipes from its website that contain shark and has vowed to no longer feature the underwater predator as food in any upcoming programming.
  20. Petitions
    What Uptown Needs Right Now Is…Jamie Oliver?This might actually work.
  21. Empire Building
    Pub & Kitchen Gathering Signatures to Support Its Next ProjectThe new project, a European-style cafe, hinges on rezoning of the property.
  22. At The Market
    Animal Rights Activists Take On Farmers’ Market Live PoultryPetition calls for the city to prosecute live poultry sellers.
  23. Booze News
    Two Liquor Petitions Work Better Than One?Plus, plans for the inevitable: a bánh mì truck!