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  1. the other critics
    This Zero-Star Review of Peter Luger Steak House Is Brutal“…there is the unshakable sense that I’ve been scammed.”
  2. the other critics
    Is Misi a Good Restaurant or What?Depends on whether you ask Pete Wells or Ryan Sutton.
  3. sexual harassment
    Anthony Bourdain Called Out Restaurant Critics — and the Critics RespondedThe Parts Unknown host spent the weekend Twitter beefing with Times critic Pete Wells.
  4. #metoo
    What We Should Expect From the Men Who Run RestaurantsSexual assault is the biggest problem facing the hospitality industry. The time for action is now.
  5. restaurant reviews
    Here’s Another Look at How Far Restaurants Go to Trick Influential Food CriticsD.C.’s fine-dining world is full of “spies” and “dossiers.”
  6. the other critics
    Times Critic Discovers That the Pool’s Renovations Violated Landmark LawsMajor Food Group didn’t get permits for at least three major changes.
  7. pizza wars
    Times Critic Says New York’s Best Pizza Is in New JerseyHe awards three stars to Jersey City’s Razza.
  8. the other critics
    The New York Times Just Awarded 3 Stars to a Sichuan Restaurant in FlushingCritic Pete Wells calls it “a new kind of Sichuan restaurant for New York.”
  9. Open Letters
    Thomas Keller Posts Public Apology After Horrible Per Se Review“We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards, but we make mistakes along the way. We are sorry we let you down.”
  10. The Other Critics
    Pete Wells Just Wants to Party at Señor Frog’s“I had more fun at Señor Frog’s than at almost any other restaurant that has opened in the last few years.”
  11. Drama
    Vaucluse Owner Doubles Down on Times-Critic TiradeAltmarea Group CEO Ahmass Fakahany will not back down.
  12. Drama
    Restaurant Owner Hammers Times Critic in New Open Letter“You seem so desperately anxious to be relevant.”
  13. Other Critics
    The New York Times Just Gave Two Stars to a Veggie-Burger Shop“New ideas fly through the kitchen so quickly, you can almost hear them buzz by.”
  14. The Other Critics
    Pete Wells Hammers Masa Takayama’s Latest Restaurant With Brutal Zero-StarThe critic writes the “restaurant itself is an imitation of luxury, not the real thing.”
  15. Critical Backlash
    When Chefs Go to War With Critics Over StarsSome Dallas restaurateurs are boycotting their local critic — but they’re right to complain about an outdated system.
  16. Potluck
    A Lot of People Were Outraged by Michael Ruhlman’s Response to a“I like girls in kitchen a lot: it does bring that testosterone level down a little bit, it makes it not so aggressive,” a British chef said recently.
  17. The Other Critics
    Pete Wells Gives Tavern on the Green Reboot Zero Stars“Prying tiny quail bones away from meat that was griddled until it was as dry as a week-old English muffin wasn’t very wonderful,” he writes.
  18. Who Runs Flavortown
    Guy Fieri Wasn’t That Impressed With the Food at Guy’s American“Let’s be realistic about what this was.”
  19. The Other Critics
    Pete Wells Reaffirms Jean Georges’ 4-Star StatusVongerichten’s flagship has still got it.
  20. The Other Critics
    9 Brutal Lines From Pete Wells’s Michel Richard Takedown“Slithering around the meat was a terrifying sauce the color of jarred turkey gravy mixed with cigar ashes.”
  21. Lists
    Sushi Nakazawa, Carbone Top New York Times 10 Best Restaurants of 2013It really was a banner year for restaurants.
  22. Check Please
    The Tipping Backlash Goes BigAs the New York ‘Times’ runs an anti-tipping report on its front page, the idea gains some more traction.
  23. Quote of the Day
    Scott Bryan Says Everyone Should Get the Cheese CartHe also calls going on television to cook a “bunch of bullshit.”
  24. The Other Critics
    New York Times Downgrades Daniel to Three StarsOne of the greats loses a star.
  25. The Cure
    Times Critic Pete Wells Got Into It With a Ham on TwitterRoquefort’s coming in next, watch out.
  26. Critical Move
    The New York Times’ Pete Wells Is Now America’s RestaurantYou’ve been warned.
  27. The Other Critics
    To Counter Bauer, NYT Critic Pete Wells Comes Around to Loving SaisonLast year he was fatigued and a little annoyed. This year he is awed.
  28. Characters
    Time’s ‘140 Best Twitter Feeds’ Includes Pete Wells,RT!
  29. Chef Shuffle
    Le Cirque Chef Olivier Reginensi Now Cooking at Maison KayserGet ready for chilled pea soup with mint, and of course, spring.
  30. Cud
    Are These the Twenty Most Unspoken Beliefs About the Food World?Do people really talk about this stuff?
  31. Quote of the Day
    Amanda Cohen Knows What Pete Wells Looks LikeHowever, he sure got past her.
  32. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Wells Rebounds With M. Wells; Rao Loves the PinesTejal Rao thinks the Pines is the place to be, while Ryan Sutton likes what he tastes at Thirty Acres.
  33. Burn Sauce
    Weak Sauce: Restaurant Critics Endure Fairly Boring Death Threats“Fieri dumped a 500-seat tourist shakedown apparatus in the middle of Times Square.”
  34. Video Feed
    Watch Fake Guy Fieri Respond to the Times Takedown Review“If you come in expecting Le Cirque, then you’re a Le Jerk.”
  35. Tony Says
    Bourdain Says Fieri Is Fine, But Wells Should Be WorriedWhatever he says.
  36. The Feeding Tube
    Guy Fieri Responds to Times Smackdown [Updated]“That to me went so overboard, it really seemed like there was another agenda.”
  37. We Don’t Actually Dislike Him
    Sonoma Wants to Disown Hometown Boy Guy Fieri TooThat Pete Wells review has set everyone on fire with Fieri hate.
  38. Quote of the Day
    Stiffed Waiters, in More Ways Than OneYour server for the evening will be the first one to be fired after your bad review.
  39. Flavortown Lost
    Twenty-eight of the Best Twitter Reactions to the New York TimesThe good, bad, and the blowhards on the review tweeted around the world.
  40. Downtown
    Times Critic Loves DowntownWhen you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go … downtown.
  41. The Other Critics
    Cuozzo Tastes the View at Gaonurri; Sietsema Delivers Final Blow to NicolettaRao finds some of the ducks are lined up at Ducks, and more, in our weekly roundup.
  42. The Other Critics
    NYT Critic Pete Wells Visits San Francisco, Talks About Tasting Menu FatigueHe loves Benu, but is “dazed” by Saison.
  43. A Bite to Eat
    Pete Wells on the Tyranny of Tasting MenusThings get sour when it comes to “the delayed-bread power play.”
  44. Ay Paupiette
    Can Le Cirque Survive Its One-Star Review?What’s one star worth, anyhow?
  45. Dinnertime Talk
    Is the New Eleven Madison Park Too Verbose for Its Own Good?Daniel Humm’s “$195 blowout” New York menu.
  46. The Quest For Better Bagels
    Times Puts Together a Restaurant Wishlist“Dear Restaurant Scene of NYC … “
  47. Pet Peeves
    Regarding the Un-Shareability Of Most Small PlatesPete Wells makes a good point.
  48. The Other Critics
    Eric Ripert Knows How to Stay on TopThe ‘Times’ once again awards four stars to Le Bernardin.
  49. Quote of the Day
    Wherefore Stars?“If you read the reviews believing that all restaurants with a given number of stars are meant to be equally good, you’re going to lose your mind.”
  50. The Other Critics
    Pete Wells Isn’t Really a Fan of Shake Shack’s Burgers, Gives the“Shake Shack wasn’t even consistently inconsistent. Once when I ordered a double burger, one patty was browned all the way through while the other was the color of a ripe watermelon inside.”
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