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  1. seasons greetings
    This Holiday Season, You Don’t Not Need Cake-Flavored White PepsiChristmas Cola is coming to town in Japan, even if you’ve been nice this year.
  2. mergers and acquisitions
    Pepsi Is Reportedly in Talks to Buy Vita CocoThe king of coconut water has claimed it’s worth $1 billion.
  3. whyyy?
    Pepsi Has Released a Cinnamon-Flavored Soda Tragically Called ‘Fire’Right now, it’s quarantined as a Slurpee flavor at 7-Eleven.
  4. sugar rush
    Mountain Dew Spill Creates ‘Huge Foaming Event’ at Pepsi PlantIt triggered the state’s Pollution Emergency Alert System.
  5. comebacks
    Crystal Pepsi Actually Coming Back This SummerAs hard as it is to believe, the ’90s soda will begin hitting North American stores in July.
  6. Oh Please Why?
    Pepsi Warns It’s Opening a Kola-Themed NYC RestaurantA company exec threatens: “This isn’t a pop-up. This is something much bigger than that.”
  7. Health Concerns
    Big Soda’s New Trick Is Charging Lazy Americans More for Smaller CansThe industry actually sold less by volume last year, but profits stayed the same.
  8. Comebacks
    Crystal Pepsi Is Back — Sort OfYou’ll have to enter a contest to get some.
  9. Let’s Make A Deal
    Coke and Pepsi Are Both Trying to Purchase Part of Chobani YogurtEither deal will reportedly value the company at $3 billion.
  10. Tie-Ins
    Pepsi Is Releasing a Collectible Version of Back to the Future’sOn October 21, of course.
  11. Health Concerns
    Everyone Officially Figures Out Soda Is TerribleBig Soda is winning policy battles, but it’s losing the war with consumers.
  12. Comebacks
    Prepare Yourself for Crystal Pepsi’s ComebackIt’s a full-on ‘90s-soda revival.
  13. Getting Crafty
    Pepsi Has a New Line of Wild-Sounding Craft Sodas“Stubborn Soda” comes in flavors like lemon berry açaí and black cherry with tarragon.
  14. Doritofied
    Taco Bell Testing Quesadilla Served With Crushed Flamin’ Hot FritosThe dip is the chips.
  15. Marketing Gimmicks
    Pepsi Will Trot Out ‘Real Sugar’ Sodas This SummerWe prefer Cheerwine.
  16. The Chain Gang
    15 Food Petitions of Incredible Significance You Should Probably Sign Now“I used to treat my kids to Starbucks scones once a month, now there is nothing they like.”
  17. Doritofied
    They’re Serving Free Mountain Dew–Cured Bacon Tacos in Bryant ParkToday was the day the world learned about Tostitos “street tacos” with Kickstart Mountain Dew Chicken.
  18. Health Concerns
    Pepsi’s Caramel Coloring Still Contains CarcinogensMaybe Pepsi can’t beat the real thing, after all.
  19. Doritofied
    The Doritofied Future of Chain Restaurants Begins NowChains are adding new Doritos-themed items to their menus as soon as 2015.
  20. Soda Wars
    Nobody Wants to Buy SodaStreamPepsi and Coke aren’t interested.
  21. 4-Mel
    Pepsi Unhelpfully Still Filled With Pesky CarcinogenThe news is particularly bad for those who drink 1,000 cans of soda a day (or more).
  22. The Fakeness
    Pizza Drones and Hands-Free Whopper Holders: How Fast-Food Giants Make Big MoneyIt’s incredibly cheap and extremely effective for soda companies and fast-food giants to market products that are never actually made.
  23. New Soda Wars
    PepsiCo Denies $2 Billion Offer to Buy SodaStreamA report indicates the two soft-drink giants have been meeting with the seltzer upstart.
  24. Big Spenders
    Billionaire Could Change Structuring of PepsiCoHe has invested $2.7 billion in two big food companies.
  25. Pepsi So Sexy
    Pepsi Uses Uncomfortably Erotic Language to Announce New Bottle “A more stimulating, tactile interaction.”
  26. New Rules
    How, Exactly, the Sugary-Drink Ban Will Affect You [Update: It Won’t Affect YouCan you drink venti Frappuccinos the same way? What about marshmallow vodka? Gatorade? We’ve got all possible scenarios covered.
  27. Soda Wars
    Mountain Dew Introduces Kickstart, a Morning SodaBut PepsiCo’s calling it a “sparkling juice beverage.”
  28. Video Feed
    Taylor Swift’s Future Breakup Lyrics About Diet Coke“Romeo, save me/ I’ve been feeling soda alone”
  29. Soda War
    Pepsi Removes Brominated Vegetable Oil From Gatorade, Keeps It in Mountain DewThe controversial ingredient can lead to early onset puberty.
  30. Video Feed
    Here Is Coca-Cola’s First Anti-Obesity Ad, ‘Coming Together’“All calories count.”
  31. War on Soda
    Coca-Cola Admits That It Makes Americans Fat in New AdAnd teaches you how to burn off the “140 happy calories.”
  32. I Can’t Take It Anymore
    Bravo Is Making an Eighties-Set ‘Cola Wars’ Period DramaBut seriously. Who will play Michael Jackson?
  33. Indigestion
    Pepsi Joins Coke in MyanmarThey may beat the real thing, or at least drive smaller companies out of business.
  34. Marketing Gimmicks
    Pepsi Really, Really Wants to Be Cool AgainThe new ad features Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Moment for Life’ and has the epic feel of their eighties campaigns.
  35. Marketing Gimmicks
    King of Pop: Pepsi Revives Michael Jackson for New Ad CampaignIt’s the 25th anniversary of ‘Bad,’ so Pepsi’s bringing Michael back … and having him remixed by Skrillex?
  36. Mediavore
    Did John Lennon Have Bulimia?; Coors Releases Ice Tea-Flavored BeerA new book claims The Eggman had some serious food issues.
  37. Mediavore
    Why Astronauts Love Hot Sauce; Pepsi Next Offers Lighter SodaPepsi Next will try to succeed where C2 failed.
  38. Mediavore
    Raw Milk Again Blamed For Illness; Astronauts Crave Hot SaucePlis: Ben & Jerry’s launches a line of Greek yogurt; and Taco Bell runs with a new slogan, all in our morning news roundup.
  39. Mediavore
    Pepsi Still Can’t Beat Coke; Bigger Forks Mean Less EatingTry as it might, the perennial runner-up can’t exceed its competition in gaining shares.
  40. Mediavore
    Another Patron Gets Gunned Down at a Longtime Upper Darby Nuisance Bar; PepsiPlus: Big forks make you eat less; and China stockpiles frozen pork, all in our morning news roundup.
  41. Corporate Strategy
    Get Ready to See a Lot of Pepsi Ads This SummerThe company shifts its attention away from healthy eating and back to soda.
  42. Mediavore
    Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Hits Hall of Fame; Fedrran Adria to Create Snacks forThe soda maker tries to tap into the cult of chef worship.
  43. Mediavore
    Michelle Obama to Pen Book on White House Garden; Coffee Hits BroadwayIn other news, Guy Fieri teams up with Jeff Bridges to fight childhood hunger.
  44. Mediavore
    CHOP Recieves $10 Million From the Soft-Drink Industry to Fight Obesity; CokePlus: A bad Breathalyzer has put more than 400 drunken-driving cases are in jeopardy; and MObama pens a book about gardening and eating locally, all in our morning news roundup.
  45. Mediavore
    Sewing Needle Found in Chili’s Ribs; How to Drink Pigeon MilkIn other news, Pepsi and Jamba Juice have both gone very green.
  46. Mediavore
    An Unintended Tongue Piercing at Chili’s; Super SquabsPlus: Modernizing Africa’s food system, Pepsi’s new eco-bottles, and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  47. Mediavore
    Campbell Soup Heiress Is No Longer a Billionaire; Pigeon Milk Is Being Touted asPlus: Pepsi invents a palnt-based plastic bottle; and General Mills is devoting resources to help modernize Africa’s food systems, all in our morning news roundup.
  48. Marketing Gimmicks
    Pepsi’s Old Cans Are Here to StayThe formula is old-school, too, using sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup.
  49. Mediavore
    Suburban Co-Op Manager Gets a Firsthand Look at Fair Trade in Central America;Plus: Dennis Kucinich is suing several companies over an olive and a broken tooth; and nutrition labels will soon take center stage on food packaging, all in our morning news roundup.
  50. Chocolate Is Good for your Heart; Twitter is BoringThere are hundreds of chefs and food writers on Twitter, but most of their feeds are dull
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