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  1. behind the menu
    Una Pizza Napoletana Now Serving Pepperoni PiesIt’s one of several new optional toppings, and while it may not be strictly Neapolitan, it’s absolutely delicious.
  2. Pa’Zing
    Introducing the Pa’Zing, a Chicken Wing Dressed Up Like a Pepperoni PizzaI can’t believe I ate the whole thing.
  3. Pepperoni
    A Pizza Joint for Real Pizza WhoresStadium Pizza serves it all.
  4. Seriously
    The Word Pepperoni to Randomly Be Banned From New York School TestsYet Kielbasa is off the hook.
  5. Mediavore
    PA Governor’s Mansion Chef Charged With Stealing Silverware; A Japanese SchoolPlus: Pepperoni is America’s most popular pizza topping; and researchers in Vienna believe red wine could be used as treatment for type 2 diabetes, all in our morning news roundup.