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  1. Comebacks
    Paula Deen’s Going to Be on Dancing With the StarsThis will be fun.
  2. Not Okay
    Paula Deen Tweeted, Then Deleted, This Photo of Her Son Wearing BrownfaceAlas, Deen didn’t pull the pic quickly enough, and the internet responded just the way you’d expect.
  3. The Feeding Tube
    Paula Deen Will Return to TV on a Channel Nobody’s Ever Heard OfShe’s going to sell things on a three-hour show called ‘Paula Deen’s Kitchen.’
  4. News You Can Booze
    The New PDT App Is What You Should Download Instead of Paula Deen’s SillyIt provides step-by-step notes on how to make the beloved bar’s specialty drinks.
  5. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen and Steve Harvey Are Teaming Up for a Youth-Mentoring ProgramWhat could possibly go wrong?
  6. Paula Deen
    Will You Pay $10 a Month to Watch Paula Deen Reruns?The celebrity chef’s new network just bought 13 years’ worth.
  7. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen Will Embark on 20-Show Paula Deen Live! Tour This SummerMore lard than Lollapalooza.
  8. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen Restaurant Uncle Bubba’s Seafood & Oyster House ClosedHoly sweet tea and crawdaddies.
  9. Lists
    Gnocchi-Makers and Cognac Snifters: 14 Chefs and Their Very First TweetsThis is going to get awkward.
  10. Bookshelf
    Paula Deen’s Longtime Cook Dora Charles Lands a Cookbook DealShe’s got 100 recipes to share.
  11. Guess Who?
    Paula Deen Compares Herself to Michael Sam; World Reacts AccordinglyCould Paula Deen possibly compare herself to the openly gay football player without knowing exactly how people will react?
  12. Coming Soon
    Paula Deen Opening $20 Million Restaurant Next to DollywoodIt opens this summer.
  13. Paula Deen
    Here’s Paula Deen Slugging a Bottle of TequilaThe photo allegedly shows Paula getting prepared for her cooking demo.
  14. Eternal Returns
    Paula Deen Announces She’s ‘Back in the Saddle’ for BigToday in the Department of Here’s Everything That’s Wrong With Celebrity Chefs.
  15. Cold Hard Cash
    Paula Deen’s New Company Just Got $100 Million in FundingPaual Deen Ventures teams up with the same company that brings us SkyMall and the Phoenix Suns.
  16. The Feeding Tube
    Is the Food Network Overcooked?There hasn’t been a breakout food TV star in a while.
  17. Deen Hard With a Vengeance
    Paula Deen to Open Official Paula Deen Brand Foods StoreA hearty congratulations to you, town of Clarence, New York.
  18. Paula Deen
    Food Network’s Ratings Continued to Drop After Paula Deen FiringThe Deenosaurs have won.
  19. Video Feed
    Watch the Lowlights From Last Night’s Paula Deen–Meets–Trayvon“Distasteful” is the only word that comes to mind.
  20. Law and Order
    Paula Deen’s Attempted Extortionist Gets Two Years in PrisonThomas George Paculis was sentenced to serve two years in prison and an additional year of supervised release.
  21. Triumphant Returns
    Paula Deen Gets Standing Ovation at First Post-Scandal Public Appearance“I’ve said all along that the one place I’d want to make my first step back out is Texas. Y’all’s hearts are as big as your state.”
  22. The Feeding Tube
    Vanity Fair Takes On TV Chef ScandalsSomehow only Gordo, who makes millions acting furious, remains unscathed.
  23. Money Changes Everything
    Post-Settlement Paula Deen Completely Fine With Accuser Lisa JacksonPaula Deen has officially turned that frown upside down.
  24. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen Discrimination Lawsuit DismissedThe racial-discrimination component of the lawsuit was dismissed earlier this month.
  25. Quote of the Day
    Anthony Bourdain Gets No Satisfaction From the Paula Deen DebacleHe says it gives him “no pleasure at all.”
  26. Deen Triumphant
    Phew: Casey Anthony Trial Judge Forgives Paula DeenGlad that’s all cleared up.
  27. Deen Triumphant
    Judge Dismisses Race-Discrimination Claims in Paula Deen LawsuitThat just leaves the charges of sexual harassment.
  28. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen Turned Down Dancing With the StarsIt could have been magical.
  29. Extortion
    Paula Deen Extortionist Takes Plea DealThe “true and damning” information will remain damningly private.
  30. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen’s Longtime Cook Has a Few Complaints of Her OwnA woman who cooked alongside Paula Deen for 22 years tells her side of the story.
  31. Bookshelf
    Jamie Deen’s Next Cookbook Climbs Amazon Charts With Pre-OrdersPaula returns to print, sort of.
  32. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen Officially Cancels 2013 New York City Wine & Food Festival AppearanceThe embattled celebrity chef is sitting this one out.
  33. Leftovers
    ‘Pay What You Want’ at Sweetgreen; Cómodo Hosts an Art ExhibitPlus: Luke’s and No. 7 Sub collaborate, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  34. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen Fires Lawyers and Hires Legal Dream TeamYou can’t handle the truth!
  35. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen Comic Book Coming in OctoberCan’t wait for her to team up with the X-Men.
  36. Interviews
    American Baking Competition’s Paul Hollywood on Judging the“It’s not aggressive; it’s quite passive. It’s got a feel-good factor to it, like a warm blanket on a winter’s night, or like a comfortable pair of slippers that you know do the job.”
  37. Paula Deen
    New York Man Charged With Trying to Extort $250,000 From Paula DeenThe FBI was called in to stop the plot against Paula.
  38. Paula Deen
    7 Ridiculous Things We Just Learned From Businessweek’s HugeThe celebrity chef ceded control of vast amounts of her empire to friends and relatives.
  39. Closings
    The Neelys Announce Their Memphis Restaurants Will Permanently ClosePatrick and Gina Neely closed their two Tennessee restaurants for renovations last October.
  40. Quote of the Day
    She’s Certainly the Voice of … SomethingThe Paula lawsuit is about broader discrimination in the workplace.
  41. Paula Deen
    Will Dancing With the Stars Sweep Paula Deen Off Her Feet?Come on, shake your body, Paula, do the conga.
  42. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen’s No. 1-Selling Cookbook Just Got CanceledRandom House is out.
  43. Video Feed
    Watch Jimmy Carter Implore All Americans to Forgive Paula Deen“I advised her to let the dust settle and make apologies.”
  44. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen Products Pulled From Kmart and Sears; Deen’s Ex Speaks OutWhat’s left?
  45. Paula Deen
    Surprise! QVC Bails on Paula DeenWe’re running out of ways to say a company is severing ties with the southern celeb chef.
  46. Butter Never Spoils
    Paula Deen Hires Michael Vick’s Former Crisis ManagerThe public relations and crisis manager is said to be helping Deen salvage her brand.
  47. Paula Deen
    Unending Fallout From Paula Deen Scandal May at Least Help Some Old ElephantsOnline auction sites are filling up with random Paula Deen merchandise.
  48. Paula Deen
    Who’s Dumping Paula Deen Now? Home Depot and Novo Nordisk [Update: AndThe hits keep coming for Deen.
  49. Paula Deen
    Walmart Drops Paula Deen, TooThe chain is just the latest company to cut ties with the troubled Southern celebrity chef.
  50. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen Reps Sending ‘Letters of Support’ to the PressExpect about 3,000 more of these in the days ahead.
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