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Paul Koretz

  1. interviews
    Meet the Politician Fighting for the Rights of California Vegans“People who are vegan or vegetarian thank me on the street.”
  2. Gone Green
    L.A.’s Plastic Bags To Be Blown AwayA county-wide ban on single use plastic bags won’t extend to the produce section.
  3. The Gold Watch
    J. Gold Counters Koretz and LaBonge on Food Truck MotionThe L.A. Weekly critic fights to save what’s become a cultural icon.
  4. Beef
    Food Trucks Circulate Petition Against LaBongeA protest is planned tonight during the City Councilman’s bike ride.
  5. Truckin’
    Food Truck Fans Fight Foe Tom LaBongeNew York and L.A. City Council-members are trying to put food trucks in their place.
  6. Beef
    Street Truck Fans Back Paul Koretz Into a Defensive CrouchOver 60 emails and a fake Twitter site astound a City Councilman who claims he was just speaking up for homeowners.
  7. Truckin’
    Paul Koretz Becomes The Food Truck Trend’s Gloria MolinaIf writing your City Councilman on behalf food trucks isn’t enough, you can also win free food.