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Pat’s King Of Steaks

  1. Cheesesteaks
    No Joke: Chink’s Steaks Is Really Changing Its NameIt’s official: The steak shop will now go by Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop.
  2. The Waiting Game
    Crepe Expectations: Forthcoming South Philly Sweets Shop Previewing Its Wares atWhile the South Philly shop is still coming together, the owner’s serving her goods at Center City’s Christmas Village.
  3. Sandwiches
    DiNic’s Roast Pork Crowned ‘America’s Best Sandwich’Move over cheesesteaks, roast pork’s git you beat.
  4. FYI
    Rick’s Steaks Return to Reading Terminal Is DoubtfulThe “Prince of Steaks” is again looking for a home for his cheesesteak business.
  5. Food TV
    Rachael Ray’s Focus on Philly Airs TodayFire up the idiot box!
  6. Beef
    The Dust Finally Settles at the Rachael Ray GardenWith the community put in charge of the garden, a plan starts taking shape.
  7. Beef
    Neighbors Are Perplexed Over Rachael Ray’s PearsOne of Rach’s lackeys was put in charge of the murals, because the show didn’t want to pay Mural Arts to do it.
  8. Beef
    Paradise Lost: Not Everyone Is Happy With Rachael Ray’s VisitThe garden Rachael Ray had built is being turned over to a group based in Camden, NJ.
  9. Marketing Gimmicks
    Turns Out the Pat’s vs. Geno’s Rivalry Was a Big ShamThe truth comes out after Joey Vento’s passing.