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Passion Cafe

  1. Movin’ on Up?
    Dottie’s True Blue Café Reopens Friday on Sixth StreetMaybe the tourist traffic will help clean things up at Sixth and Stevenson?
  2. Movin’ on Up?
    Sixth Street Is for Tourists: Dottie’s True Blue Café Moving toThis spells pretty good news for Sixth Street, and some new tourist foot-traffic.
  3. Closings
    Sadface: Funky Rancho Parnassus Shutters on Sixth StreetThe place had been struggling pretty much since it opened…
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    Batter Bakery Comes to Polk, New Taste Marketplace Returns, and MoreAlso, Mohave, which was going into the Bombay Bazar space on Valencia, is becoming West of Peco.
  5. Crime Scenes
    Passion Café Owner Tells Story of Attack and Robbery, Why He’s GivingHe is looking to lease out the restaurant and step away from the business now.
  6. Real Estate
    Passion Café Up for Sale?The owner was just recently attacked, too.
  7. Endangered
    Would Everyone Who Isn’t Addicted to Oxycontin Please Start PatronizingRancho Parnassus, for one, is already in financial trouble because not enough people are going there.
  8. The Other Critics
    The Guardian’s Cheap Eats Writer Visits Alameda; Reidinger Likes
  9. Where to Eat
    Where to Eat During Gay Pride WeekendA guide to finding decent food in the Castro and Civic Center.
  10. Openings
    Now Open on Sixth Street: John’s BurgersIt’s still sort of ghetto, but Sixth Street gets its third (or fourth?) new eatery of 2010.
  11. Trends
    Sixth Street Becoming a ‘Gourmet Ghetto’?
  12. Openings
    New Al Fresco Dining Option Overlooks Sixth StreetThe newest addition to mid-Market is a French bistro with a rooftop patio.
  13. Previews
    Take a Look Inside Passion Café, Opening Next WeekPeek inside the restored interior of the latest upscale venue to crop up in the scary dead zone of 6th and Market.