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Park Slope Food Coop

  1. shelf life
    Can the Park Slope Food Coop Survive?Long lines, slashed revenues, and hard-to-enforce social distancing have members and management worried.
  2. new york beginnings
    The Birth of the Park Slope Food CoopHow a food-loving community center became the most infamous — and best — grocery store in America.
  3. scandals
    Park Slope Food Coop Staffers in Trouble for Taking a ‘Work Trip’ to ParisMembers say they were treated to a PowerPoint full of “vacation photos.”
  4. Interviews
    Peter Sarsgaard Chooses to Unload the Trucks at the Park Slope Food CoopWife Maggie Gyllenhaal, on the other hand, sticks to bagging groceries.
  5. Beef
    Adrian Grenier and Other Park Slope Food Co-op Refugees Decamp to Rival GreeneWe totally want to see a bitch fight between the Food Co-op and its new Clinton Hill contender.
  6. Rants
    Glenn Beck’s Latest Soliloquy Is About the ‘Anti-Semitic’ ParkOy, he’s emotional.
  7. Grocery Stores
    Some Park Slope Coop-ers Are Just Sending the Help to Cover Their ShiftsAnd, as you might imagine, the members who aren’t doing that are pissed.
  8. Video Feed
    Food Co-Ops Are Big, But Where Are They Besides Brooklyn?CNN dutifully covers the trend, but never makes it out of this one borough of New York.
  9. Mediavore
    Park Slope Food Coop Pissed, As Usual; Lap-Bands All Around!Plus: gingerbread-cookie eaters go for the head, it’s now a thing to make your own wine, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  10. Foodienomics
    The Park Slope Co-op Makes More Money Than Whole FoodsOn a per-store basis, at least.
  11. Beef
    Park Slope Food Coop Throws Rotten Tomatoes at BarneysIt’s one “coop” against another!
  12. Celebrity Settings
    Adrian Grenier Works at the Co-op But Doesn’t Shop There Out of NecessityHe puts sweat into the co-op even though he can afford Whole Foods. But how much sweat?
  13. Celebrity Settings
    Adrian Grenier Isn’t Exactly the Park Slope Coop’s Employee of theJust how many shifts has the ‘Entourage’ star worked this year?
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Adrian Grenier Still Hasn’t Been Kicked Out of the Park Slope Food CoopBut our spy has, and she has something to say about it.
  15. Mediavore
    Tips Are Down; Park Slope Food Coop Bans Israeli FoodPlus: Sripraphai expands, and Payard is closed by the DOH, all in our morning news roundup.
  16. NewsFeed
    Bay Ridge Is Getting a Co-op, But How Will It Work?Organizers look to Park Slope and Flatbush for models.
  17. NewsFeed
    Park Slope Food Co-op Says, ‘H2NO!’The famously stringent Park Slope Food Co-op is joining restaurants like the Waverly Inn and Gemma in ceasing the sale of bottled water.