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  1. plant-based
    Are Vegetables Winning?From celery-root muffulettas to eggplant unagi, plant-based food is sweeping the city.
  2. recalls
    A Deadly Salmonella Outbreak Is Plaguing Mexican PapayasThe CDC warns that there are 200 sick people in 23 states, and there’s been one death.
  3. The In-box
    There’s Something We Have to Tell You Those tropical fruits: Like us, they’re easily confused. Loyal reader Neil Peterson, of Peterson Pawpaws in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, writes in to say that we committed a grave mistake in the illustration of our recent post on pawpaws: “That fruit is not a pawpaw (Asimina triloba), the native American fruit, but a papaya (Carica papaya), the tropical fruit of the Caribbean. I understand the confusion because in the tropics many people call papaya pawpaw.” Apples and oranges, folks, apples and oranges. We regret the error.