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  1. Empire Building
    Papalote Guys Asking Papazote to Rethink Their NameThe names are kinda similar.
  2. Lists
    Guardian Best-Of Issue Honors Clare’s, Leopold’s,Despite being anti-downtown business, ‘Guardian’ readers crown Wayfare Tavern as the best new restaurant!
  3. Lists
    In Another ‘Best Burrito’ Panel, It’s a Draw Between Farolito
  4. America the Banal
    Americans Only Want to Eat Burgers and TacosOr so a survey of the most checked-into restaurants on Foursquare leads us to believe.
  5. Video Feed
    Radio Africa & Kitchen’s Eskender Aseged Loves Papalote
  6. Lists
    Mission Burrito Book Winds Up Its CountdownEl Farolito is #2, according to a self-proclaimed burrito expert. And #1 is…
  7. TV Land
    Papalote’s Escobedo Brothers Beat Flay in Burrito BattleBobby’s “all-green” concoction was no match for Papalote’s Triple Threat.
  8. TV Land
    Bobby Flay Throws Down at Papalote Tonight
  9. Video Feed
    We Eating Hits Up Papalote for an Adobo BurritoPapalote in the Mission gets the We Eating treatment.
  10. TV Land
    Bobby Flay Throws Down at PapaloteChef and Food Network personality Bobby Flay dropped in on Papalote recently for a burrito throwdown.
  11. Trends
    From Porchetta to Mezcal: The SF Food and Booze Trends of 2009This was the year of the portable restaurant, but it was also the year of biodynamic wine, D.I.Y. canning, and farmers’ market cocktails.