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  1. the underground gourmet
    An L.A. Chef Comes to New York Bearing PancakesBreakfast by Salt’s Cure’s Chris Phelps has been making his signature dish since he was 2.
  2. sweet tooth
    The Beautiful Disappointment of Flipper’s Soufflé PancakesThey’re Instagram gold, but the appeal ends at their good looks.
  3. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Pancakes in New YorkFrom almond to einkorn.
  4. the dish
    Breakfast at the Newest Smile to Go Includes These Serious Moroccan PancakesMade with yeasted semolina batter and topped with seasonal-fruit compote, housemade ricotta, and pistachio honey, they aren’t your everyday flapjacks.
  5. underground gourmet review
    Underground Gourmet: Chez Ma Tante Serves Gobsmackingly Good FoodThe pancakes alone are worth a visit.
  6. recalls
    Even Pancakes Aren’t Safe AnymoreGeneral Mills has recalled 30 million pounds of mix over E. coli fears.
  7. RIP
    Prince’s Love of BreakfastThe iconic musician died today at the age of 57.
  8. Deals
    IHOP Is Basically Giving Away Pancakes TodayA short stack costs just 57 cents, in honor of its 57th birthday.
  9. Playing With Your Food
    World’s Best Robot Makes Pancakes in Literally Any Shape You WantThe PancakeBot should start shipping in July.
  10. Free Stuff
    It’s Free Pancake Day at IHOP! Freak Out!Go get yourself a short stack of buttermilk pancakes.
  11. Video Feed
    Watch This Guy Make Frank Sinatra As a PancakeHis Michael Jackson flapjack is even better.
  12. Urban Forager
    Breakfast of Locavores: Catskill Provisions’ Pancakes Are Local, Organic,Breakfast of locavores.
  13. The Other Critics
    They’re Just As Delicious SoberEsquire likes the South Street Diner’s pancakes.
  14. Menus
    Max Brenner: Now With BreakfastStart your day with sugar.
  15. Gimmicks
    Are Pancakes the Great Equalizer?Mitt Romney’s wife enters the political fray, with a spatula.
  16. Pancakes
    Sorry, Health, IHOP Is HereWhere you won’t find Michael Pollan.
  17. Secret Recipes
    Rosa Parks’s Pancake Recipe Is Now YoursA third of a cup of peanut butter is the key.
  18. Deals
    Eat Free Pancakes; Donate to CharityYou better donate to charity.
  19. Lawsuits
    Did God Will IHOP to Drop Its Trademark Infringement Case?IHOP drops case against the other IHOP–the International House of Prayer.
  20. Mediavore
    Boulud Loves Babies; Ubuntu Chef Says He’s Just Vacationing in L.A.London chefs disagree with a French chef over infants in restaurants and Jeremy Fox denies L.A. restaurant plans.
  21. Foodievents
    February Is Pancake Month at Clinton Street Baking Co.Featuring coconut pancakes and more.
  22. openings
    Pannekoeken Cafe Expanding to Wicker Park
  23. Lists
    Chow Exposes the Overexposed: Is Beef Jerky Next?Now that there’s a handbag made from the stuff, is beef jerky the next bacon?
  24. Back of the House
    IHOP Introduces Its Own Ultrahip Line of Apparel If you had to rank all the nation’s top pancake chains by degrees of hipness, we think it would be fair to say that IHOP would come out at or near the top. First it created, or seemed to create, a shadow restaurant in Times Square; then a “hip-hop IHOP” in downtown Brooklyn; and now, to celebrate their 50th anniversary, it created IHOP’s own line of casual wear for the flapjack fashionista with a love of breakfast corporate branding. The shirts seem to mimic the primitivist vibe of the seventies retro tees pioneered from the Cotton Factory and a million other manufacturers. There’s even a trucker hat. But don’t wear it to the hip-hop IHOP. Or anywhere, for that matter. IHOP Celebrates Birthday With Clothing Line [NRN]