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  1. Nightlife
    Bigfoot West Going Back To The EightiesBreak out your Izods and jelly bracelets!
  2. Closings
    A Neighbor Responds: How Chego’s Closing Could Affect Palms’ Dining SceneThe owner of Scoops says he’s “pretty disappointed that Chego is closing,” but still sees many strengths in the neighborhood.
  3. Openings
    The Fanciest Beard Papa Ever Opens in PalmsOkay, we haven’t exactly seen every one in the Japanese cream puff chain, but still.
  4. Empire Building
    New York Bagel & Deli Coming to PalmsReplacing Tony Maroni’s Pizza, New Yorkers will fortunately still have something to complain about.
  5. Openings
    The Garage on Motor Grand-Opens in Palms TonightThe new sports bar and pub skips the pig’s feet poutine for a smarter selection of sliders and pizza.
  6. Foodies With Benefits
    N/Naka Offering $55 Sunday Benefit DinnersThe virtuoso kaiseki chef is holding a series to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
  7. Closings
    Kikafulo Brazilian Restaurant Closes in PalmsThe shutter marks a poignant footnote to the tragic story of slain founder Monica Beresford-Redman.
  8. Coming Soon
    Beard Papa Overtaking Palms’ Guelaguetza SpaceNot exactly the ideal booby prize for anyone still hoping for Mitla’s opening, but better than another 7-11.
  9. Let’s Do Lunch
    Chego Changes Menu, Starts LunchRoy Choi now has a noodle dish for vegetarians and shaved ice.
  10. Leftovers
    First Look At Spago’s Facelift; Party Tonight at Fonuts;Puck’s place looks rather austere in comparison to its old Mediterranean digs.
  11. Closings
    Bubba Diego’s and Crossroads BBQ Shuttered in PalmsThe restaurants are still sending out tweets and deals, though, confusing their fans.
  12. The Name Game
    Tofu Ya Tear Makes Way For Galbi King in PalmsThe partners in this all-you-can-eat barbecue joint have parted ways.
  13. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Champions N/Naka in PalmsThe critic notes that kaiseki influences are a growing antidote to our over-saturated gastro-pub scene.
  14. Temporary Closings
    Tom Bergin’s Apologizes For Saint Patrick’s Day ClosureThe restaurant is still rehabbing, while this could be the chance to try less-frequented Irish bars in Palms and Van Nuys.
  15. Coming Soon
    The Garage Takes Over Palms’ Cucina Paradiso SpaceCould the parched neighborhood finally get an adequate drinking den of its own?
  16. Openings
    Palms’ Thai Market Transforms Into Moo Moo Thai CafeThe owner’s brother takes over with a menu that goes a little beyond the usual Westside Thai offerings.
  17. Temporary Closings
    Saints and Sinners Declared Dead (Again)Yelp declares the place shuttered, while it might be just a quick roofing job.
  18. Reopenings
    Zabumba Becomes KikaFulo Brazilian Cuisine & MusicHopefully, the new name drives away some of the tragic history.
  19. Trimmings
    Sofra Kebab Express Gets a Face-LiftThe real stunner is inside, where a mural of Joe Camel smoking a hookah is bizarre-yet-captivating.
  20. Openings
    Johnnie’s Sleeps With The Fishes, L.A.’s First Godfather’s Pizza Taking Over inThis will be the first Los Angeles location of the pizza chain once run by Herman Cain.
  21. Crime Scenes
    Zabumba Landlord Taking Control of Troubled RestaurantThe transfer stymies purchase attempts from the slain owner’s sisters.
  22. Zabumba
    Zabumba In ‘Dire Financial Shape’The sisters of the slain owner are seeking permission to buy the deed for one dollar.
  23. Strip Search
    Strip Search: 3300-3400 Overland Avenue, PalmsThe once-lackluster street has seen a food revolution of its own with the introduction of Roy Choi’s rice bowls and Matt Kang’s coffee and ice cream shop.
  24. Openings
    Dual Restaurants, Not Dueling Restaurants, Come to Life in PalmsMario Ernst opens his two-headed barbecue and Mexican food monster on Sepulveda.
  25. Zabumba
    Monica’s Sister Looking To Buy ZabumbaThe purchase proposal comes after the landlord filed an eviction notice.
  26. Slideshow
    First Look at Niki Nakayama’s N/Naka, Opening Soon in PalmsThe artistic sushi maker is only offering her beautiful omakase once a long soft-opening period comes to its end.
  27. Strip Search
    Strip Search: 10800 Block of Venice Blvd., Palms and Culver CityThree suggestions that will fill you full of yak meat, lamb, and Brazilian pizza.
  28. For Sale
    Permission Granted for Zabumba’s SaleA judge grants rights to the sisters of the slain owner to put the property on the auction block, but a battle still looms over who gets the assets.
  29. Neighborhood Watch
    Jacopo’s Closes in Beverly Hills; Scoops Opens in PalmsThe 40-year-old pizza place says it’s been hit too hard by the economic downturn to remain open.
  30. Crime Scenes
    Finally, Justice Gets Served in Zabumba Murder CaseBruce Beresford Redman is arrested in suspicion of the murder of his wife, owner of the Palms Brazilian restaurant.
  31. Empire Building
    Palm’s Guelaguetza Becoming Mitla, Chef Josh Gil Hits Test Kitchen TomorrowThe news bodes well for L.A.’s Mexican cuisine to start catching up with the creativity found down south.
  32. Trimmings
    India Sweets & Spices Reincarnated In Culver City With New LookNew customers will do doubt be drawn to the more appetizing appearance, here’s what they need to know.
  33. Coming Soon
    Kabab Grill Filling Onetime Bul-Gogi Space In PalmsCould this corner have a magical ability to predict L.A.’s palate?
  34. The Other Critics
    Craft Casts A Spell on S. Irene Virbila; Gold Talks Taco Town at TingaGold also drops a walloping rumor about Guelaguetza’s future in Palms.
  35. Coming Soon
    Niki Nakayama Resurfacing On OverlandThe artistic sushi master behind Azami is returning with a restaurant in Palms.
  36. Slideshow
    AAA Thai Market Opens In PalmsWhile not exactly Thaun Phat Superstore, the tiny market improves a blighted block.
  37. Coming Soon
    New Thai Market and Deli To Neighbor Howard’s Famous This FallOwners expect to finish their takeover of Crest Jr. Market in September.
  38. Mediavore
    Lohan Laps Up Jell-O in Jail; Snack Food Chases Chelsea’s WeddingRumors fly about an incarcerated actresses’ diet, while Chelsea Clinton busts out the junk in the wee hours.
  39. Crime Scenes
    Zabumba Manager’s Restraining Order Is TerminatedAllegations against David Beresford-Redman, father of the Zabumba murder slaying-suspect, are refuted.
  40. Crime Scenes
    Judge Grants Zabumba Rights to Monica’s SistersThough the victim’s will to execute is still in question, her relatives will take control for the next 90 days.
  41. Openings
    Bella Vista Brings Brazilian Pizza to Culver CityAll-you-cat pie is available at Culver City’s Brazilian Mall.
  42. Truckin’
    The Munchie Machine Rolls Out on 4/20Six grilled sandwiches and even more desserts are on-board.
  43. R.I.P.
    Zabumba Owner Monica Beresford-Redman Found Dead in CancunHusband Bruce Beresford-Redman has been detained as a suspect.
  44. Openings
    Roy Choi Opens Chego! Tonight at 6 P.M.Tonight the chef celebrates a grand-opening and his Food and Wine Best Chef nod.
  45. Openings
    Kogi’s Chego! Will Open on April 7thKogi’s first restaurant will be open next Wednesday.
  46. Slideshow
    First Look at Kogi’s Chego! RestaurantRoy Choi’s first restaurant looks ready to start serving “One Chubby Pork Belly’ and “Rock Your Road.”
  47. Chasing Choi
    Kogi Names Restaurant ‘Chego,’ Plans to Reinvent Rice Bowls and Rocky RoadRoy Choi will open the new Kogi restaurant with a simple menu.
  48. Rants
    Rob Eshman Returns to Clarify His Position on L.A. DiningThe Jewish Journal editor faces the backlash to his recent op-ed.
  49. Lists
    The Jewish Journal Tries to Burst Our Saveur-Blown BubbleDoes L.A. have further to go to fulfill Saveur’s promises?
  50. Closings
    Closings Hit Westside Before Their TimeIndian, Japanese, and Korean restaurants close.
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