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Pal’s Takeaway

  1. Previews
    La Movida Wine Bar Headed to 24th Street With Pal’s Takeaway InsideIt’s going into the former El Delfin space.
  2. Neighborhood Watch
    Sneaky’s BBQ Pops Up Tonight at Dear Mom; Pal’s Takeaway Might HaveAnd Hai Lai Seafood is coming to the former Mayflower in the Richmond.
  3. FYI
    Regarding Pal’s Takeaway and Their New TV DinnersOnly problem is there’s no dessert compartment.
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    There’s Still Just the One Doughnut/ Fried Chicken Place on Sixth;Also, Bouche has hired a chef.
  5. Nonstaurants
    The NYT Discovers Nonstaurants“Instead of crying because the bank won’t give me $2 million to open a restaurant, this is a way I can do it.” – Tommy Halvorson, EAT @ 111 Minna.
  6. The Other Critics
    Luella Maintains 2.5 Stars; Burgers Abound in the Mission
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Open Hand Saved; Azteca Shutters
  8. Sweet News
    Over-The-Counter Gobs at Pal’s TakeawayThe punk-themed street food is finding its way to stationary counters city-wide.
  9. Mission District
    Take a Seat, Mission DistrictTakeaway windows slowly adding chairs to the menu.